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1 sentence challengeLegolas + Eowyn

Fifty themes, one sentence each!

Theme set Alpha



#01 Comfort
She is immortal now, and it is a terrible sorrow to her that she will outlive her brother, and her brother’s son, and his son, and his son’s son; but then she looks at her elf and she remembers that he will be with her throughout eternity.

#02 Kiss
“My Lady?” he asked; and—though, for a long, heart-faltering moment, he feared she might refuse him—she rose to her feet, and accepted his hand, and he swept her up in his arms and whirled her round—both of them laughing—then he lowered her to the ground and kissed her passionately.

#03 Soft
He often marvels that such a fierce warrior can be so small, and feel so soft and warm in his arms.

#04 Pain
He would like to have a child with her; but his mother lost her life giving birth to him and—unknown to her—he has studied the pictures in A Treatise on Human Anatomy, and he does not believe that he could ever put her precious body through such torture.

#05 Potatoes
Before she came to live with him she thought nothing of eating meat—beef, pork, perhaps a roasted swan—but elves respect all living things and he has taught her to avoid flesh when something else may be eaten; and so, whilst her brother and his men feast on the boar’s head, she dines happily, with her elf, on plain vegetables.

#06 Rain
He has not explained to her that elves do not suffer chills, so she does not understand why he never heeds her warnings—nor why she is forever having to undress him, and warm him, when he comes home to her soaking wet.

#07 Chocolate
Like all elves, he has a sweet tooth, so she gives him—thanks to a complicated arrangement involving two messengers, her first husband, his secretary, a ship, a sea captain and a merchant of Far Harad—a box of rare sweetmeats to celebrate his conception day.

#08 Happiness
If he were asked what made him happy, he would answer with one word.

#09 Telephone
On those rare occasions when they are forced to spend a night apart, she always wishes that there was some way she might hear his voice, as she lies in bed, trying to sleep.

#10 Ears
She can seduce him just by nuzzling his ears.

#11 Name
She has learned that melmenya means all is normal; that Eowyn nín means he is either pleased with her or angry; and that if he ever uses the Common Tongue, and calls her ‘my love’ or ‘my darling’, she should be ready to draw her sword, and fight at his side.

#12 Sensual
He sometimes likes to take his time, bathing her, massaging her with scented oils, delighting her with subtle elven techniques; but his Shieldmaiden prefers a swift attack, for nothing compares to the feel of him, invading her body.

#13 Death
She never feared death—it was a certainty that she accepted; now that she is immortal she sometimes fears life, if he were taken from her.

#14 Sex
He had always enjoyed sex, but the moment he set eyes on her he wanted no other and, from then until the first time he made love to her, he was chaste; she, disappointed both in love and sex, came to him a married woman, but with the heart of a virgin.

#15 Touch
Sometimes, he will touch her unexpectedly—perhaps correcting her stance, perhaps showing her how better to hook her fingers round the bowstring—and she will feel again the physical shock she felt on that night, when he singled her out from the crowd, and she placed her hand in his, and accepted him.

#16 Weakness
She is his weakness—the chink in his armour—the way to defeat him is to threaten her.

#17 Tears
He never hides his tears from her, as every man she has ever known has tried to do, and she respects him all the more for it.

#18 Speed
He runs through the Forest, his step light, his body graceful, his every movement directed to one end; she, though swift for her race and sex, cannot keep pace with him, so he holds himself in check and, instead, keeps pace with her.

#19 Wind
She stretches out her arms and, smiling, lets the wind stream under and over and between her limbs, whipping her cloak and her hair behind her; he, watching her fondly from the shelter of the trees, smiles too.

#20 Freedom
On the day before Helm’s Deep, when she admitted her darkest fear, he said to her: “The woman I saw this morning, bidding her cousin’s spirit farewell, was a Queen; the woman I saw sparring with Aragorn was a fighter; the life you fear will never be your fate, my lady, for the gods have other plans for you, and they will set you free when the time is right—all you must do is watch the door.”

#21 Life
His life was ordered before she entered it; now, although he grumbles for appearance’s sake, his heart melts whenever he sees her dressing robe draped over the back of his chair, or her book dumped upon his desk, or her little boots kicked off beside the door.

#22 Jealousy
He tells her that his previous lovers meant nothing to him—she knows he is lying to protect her, for he is incapable of bedding someone without caring, but she would not have him any other way; she tells him that she did not enjoy her first time—he knows she is telling the truth, but he cannot stop himself feeling a pang of jealousy.

#23 Hands
It was his hands she first admired—long and slender but, even so, a warrior’s hands—calloused where he drew the bow and guided the arrow, strong and sure when he wielded the knives, gentle when he reassured his horse.

#24 Taste
She laughs when he wrinkles his nose at the taste of mead; he laughs when she shudders at the taste of a fine Dorwinion red.

#25 Devotion
When she accepted the Beorning’s challenge he stood by her; when she beat the man in single combat his heart swelled with pride; when she refused to kill her foe he admired her; when, at last, her strength gave out he helped her to disarm and stayed beside her until she was safely asleep.

#26 Forever
She was not born immortal, and he sometimes worries that the reality of endless life will one day destroy her mind.

#27 Blood
Ellith do not have a monthly cycle—or, if they do, his lovers hid the fact from him—and the first time he found her doubled up in pain, and bleeding, he panicked.

#28 Sickness
Now that her body is immortal, she sometimes misses the fun of being slightly ill.

#29 Melody
She was sitting in her garden, reluctant to return indoors to face Faramir and his ‘secretary’, when the elf found her, took off his cloak, and wrapped it around her shoulders, and they sat together in companionable silence as the sky darkened; then, softly, he began to sing, drawing her close to warm and comfort her, and, suddenly, looking at the city lights that glittered like a second sky, she was happy—for the first time in years, it seemed, she was happy.

#30 Star
They made their marriage vows, privately, before Eärendil; and now, if ever they are apart, gazing at that star makes her feel that he is near.

#31 Home
She has lived in many places—Edoras, Helm’s Deep, Minas Tirith, Caras Arnen—but her only home as been in Eryn Carantaur, with him.

#32 Confusion
It angers her that, when they first meet him, humans sometimes assume that he is effeminate.

#33 Fear
Occasionally she wishes that they could both climb into a cage, and shut the door, and lock out the troubles of the world.

#34 Lightning/Thunder
He laughs when thunder and lightning make her flinch, and takes her in his arms, and holds her safe.

#35 Bonds
To fulfil his fantasy she binds herself with scarlet ribbons—at the ankles, wrists and neck—and kneels submissively before him, but it is her elf who is soon begging for release.

#36 Market
It was not green amber, as the stallholder had claimed, and it was certainly not worth the twenty gold pieces he had paid for it—but to see the delight on her face when he fastened it around her neck, he would have paid a thousand times that sum.

#37 Technology
As a child she had learned to use the sword and spear proficiently, but the bow defeated her—until her love gave her a light, elven bow, made specially to her size, and himself taught her how to use it.

#38 Gift
He has given her many gifts in the short time they have been together—his ring, his grandmother’s Leafy Mantle, a pretty elven mare—but the greatest gift of all, she knows, is the feeling he gives her, whenever she is with him, of being loved.

#39 Smile
The first time he caught sight of her, running to her uncle’s side in the Golden Hall—proud, fearless, but steeped in sadness—he knew that he would do anything, even dance at her wedding, just to see her smile.

#40 Innocence
He has lived almost 3000 years—ten times longer than she—and she respects him for all that he has achieved as a warrior, as Aragorn’s right hand, and, latterly, as a leader of his own people; but when he strips off his clothes and paddles in the sea, laughing at the big wave that takes him by surprise, she realises that her elf is younger and more innocent than she has ever been.

#41 Completion
He is bound to her for eternity—if she were to die he would fade and die too, for, without her, he could never again be complete.

#42 Clouds
“Look,” she says, raising her hand to point out a ragged cloud, “that one looks like a nazgûl riding his fell beast,”—and she is surprised when he suddenly pulls her into his arms, and holds her, as though he fears she might die.

#43 Sky
The first time they spent the night apart she could not sleep, and when the dawn broke she opened the window, and leaned out into the sunlight, and she saw him, climbing the stair to their treetop home, his tall, lean form silhouetted against the sky.

#44 Heaven
She was not a virgin when she came to him, but the lovers she had had before had never made her feel how he makes her feel at that moment—when the pleasure sweeps through her, it is as though his love has taken physical form inside her body.

#45 Hell
He had never felt alone before he met her, but the five long years he waited for her were an agony of loneliness.

#46 Sun
To him, she is golden like the sun, and stands at the centre of all that is good in his world.

#47 Moon
To her, he is silver like the moon, and shows her the way in the darkest of times.

#48 Waves
At the water’s edge he lowers her to the ground—a small wave breaks, and spreads up the shallow slope, and she gasps as its cold water touches her bare back, then ebbs away—and she feels his body lift and his hand fumble, and then he is crushing her again, his hard penis pressing her sensitive flesh, and it feels beautiful—another wave breaks and surrounds them, soaking her skin and floating her hair—but he is inside her, and she wraps her legs around him and watches him rise up above her, her wild, beautiful wood elf, possessed by the sea and fucking her with its ebb and flow.

#49 Hair
He can braid his hair in moments; but when she unbraids it for him she takes her time, running her fingers through its silken length until his eyes close, and his back arches, and—with only a mild protest—he lets he stop, and slide down between his legs, and bestow her caresses elsewhere.

#50 Supernova
She calls him to the window, her eyes glistening with unshed tears, and shows him the star that is now brighter than their own—he takes her in his arms, and kisses her, and whispers, “It is a star that is dying, melmenya, you will see many throughout eternity; do not begrudge it its swansong.”





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