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Part 15

“Look,” cried Legolas, reining in his mount and pointing towards Emyn Arnen. “Over there!” A dark, winged shape, just visible against the starry sky, was circling the hilltops. “You were right, mellon nín! It is hiding in the hills.”

“Do you think your wife,”—Bors hesitated—“is still safe, my Lord?”

“Yes, she is alive,” said Legolas. Since finding Eowyn again, he had had an almost constant impression of her state of mind. “She was startled a moment ago, but she does not seem frightened now.” He turned to Bors. “We will give the horses another short rest—I intend to ride through the night.”

“And when we reach the hills, my Lord,” said Bors, “what then?”

“We will climb, like Túrin Turambar.”

“In Camelot,” said Bors, thoughtfully, “it is said that the men of past ages were giants compared to the men of today...”

“The same is said here, mellon nín,” said Legolas. “Ah... You think that we are over-matched.”

“A trifle, my Lord.”

“Well, you are the one who knows about dragons. What is their weakness?”

“Save for the belly, which is a little softer than the back, Sire, I’m not sure I know of any.”


By the time they had reached the foothills of Emyn Arnen, a thick layer of cloud had blotted out the moon and stars, making it hard to recognise the peak on which they had seen the dragon land.

Legolas scanned each hill in turn, looking for any sign of the beast.

“It would certainly break my spirit to scale the wrong unscalable rock face,” said Bors. He dismounted and, coming up beside the elf, stared up at the hills. “What we need is some way of making it show itself. Perhaps if we were to tether you, my Lord, dressed as a maiden, over by that gully.”

Despite himself, Legolas laughed.

“Or perhaps...” said the man, more seriously. “Am I right in thinking, Sire, that you can ‘hear’ your wife’s thoughts?”

“We have a bond,” said Legolas, trying to describe, without revealing too much, how he could reach out and sense Eowyn’s thoughts, and how—sometimes—she could do the same with him. “Especially when the emotions are intense,” he explained, “like pain or fear...”

“So it is likely that she could hear you now, were you to try?”

“There have been moments, as we rode, when I felt that she could hear me,” said Legolas.

“Then would it be worth,” said Bors, “trying to speak to her, and asking her to give us some sort of signal, my Lord?”