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sir bors


Part 21

Legolas glanced at Eowyn; tears were spilling down her cheeks. “Oh, melmenya...” He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and pulled her close.

“My Lord,” said a voice, “if I might make a suggestion.”

Legolas rubbed Eowyn’s back. “By all means, Sir Bors.”

“Dragons crave company, my Lord,” said the man. “Without it, they become bitter, and cruel. They do not live well together, but prefer the society of men—and, of course, of beautiful Ladies.” He bowed to Eowyn. “If you were to set aside, my Lord, a territory of perhaps one hundred square miles, uninhabited but well-stocked with game—”

“Emyn Elenath,” said Eowyn. “The Starry Hills, Lassui—they would be perfect!”

Legolas looked up at the dragon. “What is to stop it straying into Newhome, or Doro Lanthron, and terrorising the settlers?”

“He will promise not to,” said Eowyn.


“There is also the company, my Lord,” said Bors. “If you were to build a ‘dragon-tower’, somewhere high in the hills, which was constantly manned by a handful of willing people—”

Li’le thing!” cried the dragon, happily.

“I will visit you,” said Eowyn, “I promise; but I have responsibilities elsewhere.”

“Who would want to live with a dragon?” asked Legolas, softly.

“Scholars,” said Eowyn. “It will be a wonderful opportunity for them, Lassui. They will come from all over Middle Earth.”

“And I, myself, would be happy to spend time with it,” said Sir Bors, “if Prince Arthur will give me permission.”

“Well,” said Arthur, who had been listening in silence, “you’re not much use as a knight.”

“Thank you, my Lord.”

“Very well,” said Legolas, turning to the dragon, with a sigh. “You will fly us down to the ground and then you will wait for us up here. We will return in fourteen days—can you count?”


“Then... Look for us when the moon is one-quarter full,” said Legolas. “We will take you south, to a place where you will be free to hunt, and to spend time with—with your friends.”

“We will appoint guards to make sure that everybody treats you well,” said Eowyn.

An’ Li’le thing will come an’ visit?

“I shall.”

An’ poke ‘n’ prod?

Legolas turned to Eowyn, startled.

“He likes to watch me practise my sword guards,” she said. “Yes, I shall.”


“We will see.”


Elenath ... the starry host, all the stars of heaven.