Eryn Carantaur

Eowyn stirred in his arms.

He relaxed his hold a little, let her settle, then gathered her up again.

Sleep well, meleth nín. He kissed her temple, and her words came back to him: "A dancer at Imladris, two bathing attendants at Lorien... And then you tried to get me into bed at Edoras..."

You are wrong, melmenya, he thought. I wanted so much more than to bed you!



The plains of Rohan stretched, blue-black, around him.

High above, Eärendil, sign of hope to those oppressed by evil, burned bright, his clear light silvering the distant mountains—but bringing no comfort to the elf.

I must speak to her, he thought. I must explain.

He went inside—and found her sleeping in the Golden Hall itself, stretched out on a couch before the fire. Anyone can intrude upon her here, he thought. Why did Eomer not carry her to her chamber?

The mortal need for regular sleep was still new to him, and fascinating, and he stood beside her, gazing at her—her precious little body curled, knees drawn up, her hips rising in a luscious curve, her slender feet bare (had he known, then, how cold a mortal's feet can grow whilst sleeping he would have covered them), one little hand clenched into a fist, the other resting gracefully by her side.

Valar how he ached for her.

But not with the lust he had satisfied at Rivendell, nor with the need he had indulged at Lorien. No, this was something different. This was something he had never felt before, something terrifying and yet so sweet.

Eryn Carantaur



"You are not resting."

He smiled. "I do not need to rest melmenya."

"But you are fretting. I can feel it." She raised her head. "Is it about what we were talking of earlier?"

"Yes, melmenya."

"You do not have to do it, my love. I do not want you to do it."

"Do what?" For a moment he did not understand. Then, "No, melmenya! I was not thinking about death! I have no doubts about that! I was thinking about the other thing..."

"Your parade of mistresses?"

"Eowyn!" He pulled her closer.

"And it has made you hard?"


He was so deep in thought that he was not aware she had woken until he noticed her enormous grey eyes staring back at him.

"My lady," he whispered.

She sighed deeply, her chest rising as she drew a great draught of air into her lungs, then she stretched slightly. "You are still awake?"

He nodded.

"Is there something you need?"

"To apologise."

"You have already done so."

"Not adequately."

"You need say nothing more."

"I want to explain."

Eryn Carantaur

"Eowyn! I am hard for you. You are the only one who can rouse me now." He took her hand and placed it on his erection. "This is yours."

He felt her giggle against his chest. Then she stroked him, lightly, her fingertips circling his head and finding—unerringly—that special place that instantly made him want to—

"Oh, Valar, melmenya!"

He crushed her to his chest in an effort to retain his self control.

"Will it always be like this?" she asked. Her hand, still stroking, had moved down his shaft.

"Mmmm, that is nice..." He moved his hips luxuriously, thrusting gently into her hand. "Like what, melmenya?"

"Will you always want me three times a night?"

He smiled. "Always. Let me kiss you."

She turned her face to him. He covered her mouth with his own, his lips exploring hers with gentle insistence.

She sighed. "I am not sure I can manage it."

"Then you must stop that, melmenya." He made himself jerk in her fingers. "Or I shall not be responsible for my actions."

Eowyn grinned. "I did not mean tonight. I meant when I am old—"


She blushed. There is no need to explain, my lord," she said, raising her hand, "I know about men and women. I know about warriors."

"But I am an elf, my lady, and we are different. An elf..."

What could he tell her? I am bound to you, now, for all the life of Arda? I shall never love another? After your death I will languish amongst the trees, fading, until my spirit fails? Or until I hear the call of the sea? How could he tell her that?

He took her hand and raised it to his lips. "An elf does not desire indiscriminately, my lady. My desire was not for 'a woman'; my desire was for you. But I have mastered it now, and I shall not trouble you again."


He took her hand and raised it to his lips...

Eryn Carantaur

He took her, hard and fast—leaning against the head of the bed, her knees raised either side of him—glorying in his elven potency.

"Oh, Legolas..." Her hands came up to cup his face. "My beautiful Legolas! My strong Legolas! My... Oh, gods, my elf..."


"How strange you are," she said. "All of you. How different you are from us."

It was said with wonder—she meant no hurt by it—but her words cut Legolas to the quick. "I will leave you to your rest now, my lady," he said, quietly. "Good night."

As he left the Hall he turned. She had settled again, her sweet body once more in repose.

Sleep well, meleth nín.


"Sleep well, meleth nin."



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Chapter 8

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Two bathing attendants 'comfort' Legolas after the loss of Gandalf.

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You are the Companion of my Spirit by eowynangel.


Legolas wins the drinking game and goes outside for some air (EE ROTK).
Eowyn is rejected by Aragorn and also goes outside.
The events described in flashback in Chapter 7 take place (but not those in The real thing, because that is Eowyn's fantasy).
Eowyn comes indoors and falls asleep in the Hall.
Legolas joins her, The companion of my spirit takes place. Legolas leaves.
Aragorn passes through the Hall; Eowyn tells him of her dream (EE ROTK).
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