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Some L/E fictions

All the Elvish words and phrases used in my stories are listed on this page.

Wherever possible, I use the phrases given at reputable sources such as The Council of Elrond, Ardalambion and, and used in the films. (Most of this material is taken from Tolkien's own books but the advantage of using a website is that it has been collected together, and is presented as an easy-to-use phrasebook).

If I need something very specific (such as a place name), I try to construct it myself, using Ardalambion's Selected Sindarin Vocabulary, the Dragonflame dictionary and The Council of Elrond's Sindarin course.

The words and phrases I've constructed myself are marked with a *, meaning, I hope this is right, but I can't swear to it! Words and phrases from other sources are marked with an a, d, e or h (see the Key below). If a phrase is unmarked, I'm not sure where it came from.


Some L/E fictions

Ad Again.
Dad or daddy.
Mortal woman.
Adaneth dithen*
Little woman.
Black Lake.
  Ai, hervess nín!*
Oh, my wife!
  Ai, hiril velui* Oh, sweet lady.
An-uir Forever.
Aphado nin e Follow me.
Aviston I don't know.
Avo aphado nín, meldis nín* Do not follow me, my (female) friend .
Avo dhago den! e Don’t kill it!
Avo 'osto e Do not fear.
  Avo 'osto, mellon nín Do not fear, my friend.
Avo visto e Do not stray.

Baradorn* Tree tower.
Baren bar lin e My home is your home.
Bedithon minui, aphado nin e I will go first, follow me.
Bereth nín My wife; my queen.
Boe a hyn: neled herain dan caer menig! f And they should be: 300 against 10,000!
Brôg d Bear.
Buion len e I serve you.

Carel ellith* Doing ellith.
Carhilivren* Glittering House (or 'Casablanca').
Caro!* Fuck! ('Do!').
Caro naid dithin na veleth veleg e Do small things with great love.
Ceber* Erection (literally, 'wooden stake').
  Ceber daur chîn* Your huge erection.
Cerveth a July.
Ceryn d Balls
  Ceryn glam* Orcs’ balls.
  Ceryn Manwë!* Manwë's balls!
Cordof d Pippin, apple.
Cram a Cake of compressed flour or meal.
Criss* Vulva (literally, 'cleft, cut').
Cuildithen* Orgasm (literally, 'little life').
Cuinon!* I come! (literally, 'I live!').
Cuinam* We come.

Daer a Great, big.
Daro! e Stop!
Divor* Underdark.
Dôr chaeron* Far place.
Dúnedhil d Elves of the west.

Edair d Fathers.
Edenith* Mortal women.
Egvor* Darkthorn.
Estelio nin Trust me.

Faug Thirsty.

Echuir a Stirring (early spring).
Edhel daur* Huge elf.
Eithel Hûn* Heart spring.
Ethuil a Budding (late spring).
El mae? e Do you feel well?
Eryn a Forest
  Eryn Aras* Deer wood.
  Eryn Brethil* Beech Forest.
  Eryn Carantaur* Great Red Forest.
  Eryn Dholt* Dark Forest.
  Eryn Laeg* Fresh-green Wood’.
  Eryn Valen* ‘Yellow Forest.

Faer Vara Fiery spirit.
Firith Fading, waning (late autumn).

Gerich faer vara! e You have a fiery spirit!
Gerich veleth nín e I love you (literally, 'you have my love').
  Gerich veleth nín, ceber vain*, 'I love you, beautiful erection.
Gîl síla erin lû e-govaded vín e A star shines upon the hour of our meeting.
Gûren ninnatha nanarad as achên len h My heart shall weep until it sees you again.
Gwaloth thlhûn* 'Blue blossom' (buddleia or butterfly bush).
Gwanur* Uncle, aunt, nurse (literally, 'kinsman', 'kinswoman').
Gwedhithon na, Legolas Thranduilion; le annon veleth nín I will bind to thee, Legolas son of Thranduil; I give you my love.
Gwendithen nín* My little maiden.
Gweneth Virginity.
Gwilwileth Butterfly.
Gynd Vyrn* Black Rocks.

Habad Penn* Sloping Shore.
Hannon le Thank you.
Heniach nín? e Do you understand me?
Henion e I understand.
Hervess a Wife
  Hervess a hervenn* Wife and husband.
  Hervess nín My wife.
  Hervess orchal* Superior wife.
Hîr Lord.
  Hîr nín My Lord.
Híril Lady.
  Híril nín My Lady.
  Hiril velui* Sweet lady.
Hiro hyn hîdh ab’wanath f May they find peace after death.
Hûn Heart.
  Hûnlass* Heartleaf
  Hûn velui* Sweet heart.

Iârloth* Blood flower.
Iavas a Harvest (early autumn).
Iell a Daughter
  Iell nín My daughter.
Im hervenn chîn; no hervess nín* I am your husband; be my wife.
Im hervess chin, no hervenn nín an-uir* I am your wife, be my husband forever.
Iôn Son
  Iôn nín My son.
Ithildin Metal made from mithril ('moonsparkle').
  Ithildin nín* My moonsparkle.

Laer a Summer.
Lago e Hurry.
Lass a Leaf
  Lasdithen* Little Leaf.
  Lasfain* Fairleaf.
  Lasvelui* Sweetleaf.
Le cenithon ned lû thent e I will see you in a short time.
Legolas i eneth nín e My name is Legolas.

Mae govannen e Well met.
Maer Good
  Maer aur, Lessien Curufiniell* Good day, Lessien, daughter of Curufin.
  Maer aduial, híril nín*
Good evening, my lady.
  Maer aur, hiril vain* Good morning, beautiful lady.
What? Who?
  Man eneth lín?
e What is your name?
  Man le? e Who are you?
Mas Where?
  Mas etholich? Where are you from?
  Mas i noss lín? Where is your family?
Melethril Female lover.
  Melethril nín My (female) lover.
Melethron Male lover.
Mell nin* My dear.
Mellon Friend
  Mellon nín My friend.
Meril* Clitoris (literally, 'rose').
Mîl sui lotheg i edlothia an-uir Love is like a flower that blooms forever.
Minas Tower.
  Minas Athrad* Ford Tower.
Mîr* Clitoris (literally, 'treasure').
Muindor nín my brother.

Na-den pedim ad e Until we speak again.
Nadithen* Little thing.
  Nadithen vaurui* Needy little thing.
Nana Mummy.
Nanarad agevedim, híril nín Until we meet again, my lady.
Natha daged dhaer f They are all going to die.
Navaer e Farewell.
Na vedui! e At last!
Nedin dagor hen ú-'erir ortheri f They cannot win this fight.
Nen vaer a lalaith veren nanarad agevedim h Sweet water and joyous laughter till next we meet.
Niben d Small.
Nîr tôl erin baded lîn e I weep at your going (literally, ‘weeping comes on your going’).
No May
  No baid lín galen a glor May your ways be green and golden.
  No galu govad gen May blessings go with (each of) you.
  No i Melain na le e May the Valar be with you.
Noro! Run!

Ortheritham hain e We will defeat them.

Pedo enethen h Say my name.

Rhîw Winter.
Rîloth* Crown- or garland-flower.
Rond* Vagina (literally 'cave'); agor, tight ('narrow'); laug, warm; loen, dripping wet.

Sad Glawar* Place of Sunshine.
Si Now.
Si beriathar hýn ammaeg nâ ned Edoras f They have a better chance defending themselves here than in Edoras.
Sílo Anor bo men lín e May the sun shine on your road.
Sog Drink.
Suilad, gwador nín Greetings, my (sworn) brother.

Tail! d Feet!
Telo, medo a sogo uin mereth e Come, eat and drink of the feast. Thâr* Pubic hair (literally 'grass').
Tithen Little
  Tithen Dúlinn* Little nightingale.
  Tithen Lassui* Little Leafy
Toll Thâr* Grass Island.
Tolo Come.
Trenaro enni i vent o thelien hen h Explain to me the point of this game.
Tuiw* Clitoris (literally, 'bud').
Tynd* Breasts (literally, 'mounds, hills'); tynd voe, soft mounds.

Some L/E fictions

* constructed by me.
a from the Selected Sindarin Vocabulary at Ardalambion.
d from the Dragonflame dictionary.
e from The Council of Elrond.
f from the films.
h from




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Key to sources


Elvish-English Glossary
From Dragonflame and Ardalambion.

Ada Daddy
Building, house
Mortal man
Adar Father
Aeglos Snowthorn
Ael Pool, lake
Alfirin Simbelmynë
Amon Hill
Amrûn East, sunrise
Annûn West
Anor Sun
Aran King
Aras Deer
Athelas Kingsfoil
Athrad Ford, crossing
Aur Day

Barad Tower
Baran Dark brown
Bein Beautiful, fair
Benn Husband
Bess Wife
Brethil Beech tree
Brôg Bear

Caran Red
Caras Moated fortress, city
Ceredir Doer, maker
Cerveth July
Coron Ball
Cram Cake
Crebain Crows

Dad Down
Daer Big
Dôl or dol Head
Draug Wolf
Dúlin Nightingale

Edhel Elf
Emyn Hills
Ereg or êg Thorn
Eryn Wood

Faen Radiant
Fein White
Forod North

Galadh Tree
Garaf Wolf
Gaur Werewolf
Girithron December
Glawar Sunlight
Gloss Snow
Gobel Walled house, village, town
Golf Branch
Gwador Sworn brother
Gwaeron March
Gwaloth Blossom
Gwanur Kinsman, kinswoman
Gwenn Maiden
Gwilwileth Butterfly
Gwirith April

Habad Shore
Heledir Kingfisher
Herven Husband
Herves Wife
Hîr Lord, master
Hiril Lady
Hîth Grey mist
Hûn Heart

Iâr Blood
Iell Daughter
Iôn Son
Ithil Moon
Ivanneth September

Lass Leaf
Laeg Green
Laug Warm
Lembas Waybread
Loth Flower
Luin Blue

Maer Good
Malen Yellow
Mallorn Yellow-tree
Mell Dear
Mîr Jewel
Miruvor Cordial of Imladris
Mith White mist
Morn Dark, black
Muindor Brother
Muinthel Sister

Nana Mummy
Naugrim Dwarven race
Nogoth Dwarf

Orch Orc
Orchal Tall, superior
Orn Tree
Ostrad Street

Parch Dry
Parth Field
Peich Juice, syrup
Pel Fenced field
Penn Declivity

Rath Street

Sad Place
Sarn Stone

Tâl Foot
Talad Slope
Tathar Willow
Taur Great wood; vast, overwhelming
Thâr Stiff grass
Starry twilight
Tithen Little
Tûg Thick, fat

Uil Seaweed



English-Elvish Glossary
From Dragonflame and Ardalambion.

April Gwirith

Ball Coron
Beautiful Bein
Beech tree Brethil
Bear Brôg
Big Daer
Black Morn
Blood Iâr
Blossom Gwaloth
Blue Luin
Branch Golf
Brother Muindor
Building Adab
Butterfly Gwilwileth

Cake Cram
City Caras
Cordial Miruvor
Crossing Athrad
Crows Crebain

Daddy Ada
Dark Morn
Dark brown Baran
Daughter Iell
Day Aur
Dear Mell
December Girithron
Declivity Penn
Deer Aras
Doer Ceredir
Down Dad
Dry Parch
Dwarf Nogoth
Dwarven race Naugrim

Eagle Thoron
East Amrûn
Elf Edhel

Fair Bein
Fat Tûg
Father Adar
Fenced field Pel
Field Parth
Flower Loth
Foot Tâl
Ford Athrad

Good Maer
Great wood Taur
Green Laeg
Grey mist Hîth

Head Dôl or dol
Heart Hûn
Hill Amon
Hills Emyn
House Adab
Husband Benn, Herven

Island Toll

Jewel Mîr
Juice Peich
July Cerveth

King Aran
Kingfisher Heledir
Kingsfoil Athelas
Kinsman Gwanur
Kinswoman Gwanur

Lady Hiril
Lake Ael
Leaf Lass
Little Tithen
Lord Hîr

Maiden Gwenn
Maker Ceredir
March Gwaeron
Master Hîr
Moated fortress Caras
Moon Ithil
Mortal man Adan
Mother Naneth
Mummy Nana

Nightingale Dúlin, Tinúviel
North Forod

Orc Orch
Overwhelming Taur

Place Sad
Pool Ael

Radiant Faen
Red Caran

Seaweed Uil
September Ivanneth
Shore Habad
Simbelmynë Alfirin
Sister Muinthel
Slope Talad
Snow Gloss
Snowthorn Aeglos
Son Iôn
South Harad
Spring Eithel
Starry twilight Tinnu
Stiff grass Thâr
Stone Sarn
Stonecrop Seregon
Street Ostrad, Rath
Sun Anor
Sunlight Glawar
Sunrise Amrûn
Superior Orchal
Sweet Melui
Sworn brother Gwador
Syrup Peich

Tall Orchal
Thick Tûg
Thorn Ereg or êg
Tower Barad, Minas
Town Gobel
Tree Galadh, Orn

Walled house Gobel
Warm Laug
Waybread Lembas
Werewolf Gaur
West Annûn
White Fein
White mist Mith
Wife Bess, Herves
Willow Tathar
Wolf Draug, Garaf
Wood Eryn

Vast Taur
Village Gobel

Yellow Malen
Yellow-tree Mallorn