legolas and eowyn

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Leaf & Flowerspacer

A wallpaper based on Chapter 2 of The time of the Orcs has come:

The time of the Orcs has comespacer

I give you my love foreverspacer

The returnspacer

Woodland spritesspacer




wallpapers by eowynangel

A big thank you to eowynangel for making the lovely wallpapers below and allowing me to use them on this site.

The first one illustrates Chapter 2 of My Bow shall sing with your sword.

The Choice by eowynangelspacer


Lord & Lady of Eryn Carantaurspacer

This one, which eowynangel calls Eowyn's Oath, illustrates The Return.

Eowyn's Oathspacer

This one shows Legolas' state of mind after The Companion of my Spirit

Companion of My Spirit by eowynangelspacer

This one was inspired by Morning After.

Onesided lovespacer

This shows the end of To the sea!

Come back to me! by Eowyn Angelspacer

And this one is inspired by chapter 14 of Shadowland and part 2 of the Yuletide Mystery.

Shadowlove by eowynangelspacer

Finally, this one illustrates the entire saga!

wallpaper by eowynangelspacer


wallpapers by arwenevenstar

Another big thank you to arwenevenstar for making these lovely wallpapers especially for Eryn Carantaur.

Fates entwinedspacer

Princess and Princespacer

Lord & Ladyspacer

Love bloomsspacer

Lord and Lady of Eryn Carantaurspacer

They will never leave each other's sidespacer

Legolas & Eowynspacer

Legolas & Eowynspacer

Eowyn & Legolasspacer

Sweet dreamsspacer



Another big thank you to celticgoddessgirl for making these wallpapers for Eryn Carantaur!

Legolas & Eowyn by Celticgoddessgirlspacer

The following two wallpapers are called Two Free Spirits.

Two Free Spirits 1 by Celticgoddessgirlspacer

Two Free Spirits 2 by Celticgoddessgirlspacer



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