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20th November. I've added part 7 of the Eowyn/Legolas challenge.

Apart from that it's been a taxing week—several porn sites have discovered my Guestbook, and I've been frantically deleting entries with links to triple-x-rated pictures and videos. Apologies if, by a slip of the mouse, I've deleted anybody else's entry by mistake :-(

(Do not ask me why I find this so offensive when my own stories have NC-17 episodes. I have wasted most of the week wondering about that).

Anyway, here are some nice pictures:

Eowyn & LegolasspacerEowyn & LegolasspacerEowyn & Legolasspacer

Eowyn & LegolasspacerEowyn & LegolasspacerEowyn & Legolasspacer

Eowyn & LegolasspacerEowyn & Legolasspacer

Thank you to arwenevenstar for sending me some more lovely graphics. I'll add them as soon as I get myself sorted.

15th November. I've added part 6 of the Eowyn/Legolas challenge.

13th November. Since the shopkeepers are already beginning to decorate their windows, I thought it was time that Eryn Carantaur had a pretty Yuletide banner, just until 6th January. (The snowflakes are dingbats and they 'spell' L E. Not that I'm obsessed, or anything ;-)

I've added chapter 14 of Shadowland, in which, after two years of torture, one of our favourite characters gets what he's always wanted. I wonder if it will last?

I'll be concentrating on the Eowyn/Legolas challenge next.


Later. I've just added part 5 of the Eowyn/Legolas challenge. Why did she do it?

4th November. Yet another small update! I've added another part of the Eowyn/Legolas challenge, and now the plot has started with the arrival of someone we met, very briefly, in Misrule in Mirkwood.

The moment I've uploaded this I'm off to see Elizabethtown (which opened today, in the UK). And tomorrow I'm drving to Derby to see Haldir (Craig Parker) in a play!

If I survive the emotional overload ;-) I'll be back to writing Chapter 14 of Shadowland on Sunday. Someone is going to be very happy in Chapter 14...

Can you guess who?


2nd November. Well, I know I said I was going to work on Shadowland… But I woke up with The sisters in my head and couldn't do anything else until I'd written it down. (I hope you'll see why when you read it—EXTREME SMUT WARNING! ;-)

It occurs to me that I'm always putting Leggy in this sort of situation, which probably says more about my own fantasies than I would normally admit to in public.

Meanwhile, eowynangel has made us another lovely wallpaper called One-sided love—guess who's the hero?

And I've added another of those long illustrations, this time based on To the Sea


31st October. Another small update. Earlier in the week I added the second Eowyn/Legolas challenge story, and today I've added the third. The plot will start in the next one. But, before that, I'll be working on the next chapter of Shadowland.

I've also added a lovely wallpaper by eowynangel, who says it shows Legolas remembering Eowyn during the Quest and was inspired by The Companion of my Spirit (the easter egg from The time of the Orcs). Thank you!

23rd October. Just a small update—I've entered the fanfic100 challenge at Live Journal,

(more details),

and I've posted my first story here, as well.

I've also performed major surgery on the Images page, splitting it into separate Avatars, Banners, Bookmarks and Wallpapers pages, and I've added some more graphics by arwenevenstar—thank you to her!—including some glittery avatars—click on the image below and scroll to the bottom of the page to see them.

Brief momentsspacer

Finally, during my annual cleaning campaign, I found the picture that inspired my OMC, Berkin. It's so pretty, I thought you might like to see it ;-)


18th October. I've finally added chapter 13 of Shadowland, and it ends with a proper cliffhanger! Given that chapters 2 to 9 were only half-length, I think we're just past half way through the story. But I can never be sure until it's finished ;-)

Thanks to Belle (again) I've added a dozen new stories to the Fan Fiction page, though some of them are WIP (or WS—Work Stopped).

I've finished adding all the characters from The lady vanishes to the Who's Who page.

I've added a new illustration to My bow shall sing with your sword, which I'm very proud of, even though it's nowhere near as good as the image that inspired it,

Story in Pictures

by DeeDee, at Elfsheen, an Aragorn/Eowyn site.

Aragorn and Eowyn!spacer

And, finally, I've planned about 18 extra scenes for the Special Edition of To the Sea to the Sea the white gulls are crying, including Sweep's big adventure, Wolfram's escape from the Sea Maiden, and the Haldir/Eowyn kiss from Eowyn's point of view. But you know me by now—so don't hold your breath! They will get written eventually.


30th September. I've added Chapter 12 of Shadowland—goodness, this one put up a fight! In it, we learn at least one of the reasons why shadow Legolas is so mixed up…

Next time we'll be back with Wilawen and the boys.

A huge thank you to Arwenevenstar, who has made some graphics—wallpapers and banners—especially for Eryn Carantaur! I have added them to the Images page. I have also added details of two more stories by Eowynangel to the Fan Fiction page, and compiled an Author Index and a Title Index. (In the process, I tested all the links and repaired a couple that were broken—sorry about that). I've also added links to Arwenevenstar's L/E website and to Eowynangel's fiction archive on the Contacts page.

Yesterday I read the following quote from Haldir (Craig Parker). I think he's talking about Real Person Slash:

Slash is not something I would fill my bookshelves with. And while I take no offence at its existence, I have no desire to read it or find out what my fictional alter ego is up to. I do take some comfort, though, in knowing that one of us at least is having an exciting Friday Night.



21st September. A tiny update—I've added the final extra scene to The lady vanishes, called The charming Lady Emliet. As usual, it's turned out a little darker than I'd expected, so there's also a short sequel, called The arrangement.

I've also edited the scene between Wilawen and the mushroom men in Chapter 11 of Shadowland to reduce the number of violentlys and uncontrollablys!

Coming, eventually…

11th September. Well, it's the end of my holiday, and I have managed to do some of what I planned!

There's a new chapter of Shadowland, in which Wilawen has a very nasty encounter, Valandil goes berserk, Arador proves to be worth his weight in gold (well, it was always going to happen, wasn't it?), and we find out a bit more about what's happening to poor Cyllien.

If you've read any of the Drizzt stories, you'll know that I've taken some liberties with distances—it should have taken the elves about two weeks to get into the Underdark proper and encounter the creatures they are beginning to encounter, but we don't have two weeks!

Talking of creatures, I've added a couple of pictures of the lizards from Chapter 10:

A lizard and his rider

The rider, btw, is Drizzt's brother, Dinin, and the cloak he's wearing is called a piwafwi. Since the lizards have sticky pads on their feet and can walk, upside down, across cave roofs, a military saddle has some sort of harness, to prevent the rider falling off.

I've also added two new short stories: The surprise, in which Legolas out-gifts Faramir (in every way ;-) and Something in the Woods, in which Eowyn does something very silly, but acquires yet another admirer.

The promised final extra scene for The lady vanishes, in which Legolas flirts outrageously with an attractive older woman, is not quite finished, but I will post it later in the week. (Promise ;-)

And I still have a list of other ideas, as long as your arm, which I will get round to, eventually!

Legolas & EowynspacerEowynspacerLegolasspacer

30th August. Yes! (Punching the air in triumph). Chapter 10!

It's taken a long time, but it's a full length chapter, set entirely in the shadow land, and has a bit of everything—life, death, lizards ;-) We'll be back with Wilawen and the boys in Chapter 11.

Last week I also added a References page for The usual suspects, which features a rather nice picture of The Kurian.

I've got a week's holiday starting on Saturday, and, as usual, all sorts of grand plans… But I hope, at least, to get Chapter 11 written, and The lady vanishes finished, and then I'll start planning the extras for To the Sea—so if you've been missing Wolfram ;-) you'll be seeing some more of him soon!

In the meantime, the following pictures may, at some point, inspire a couple of short stories.

I've been thinking about The Lost World.

And that maybe it's time that Leggy and Eowyn had a serious (but not too serious) argument…

17th August. At last! I've added Chapter 9 of Shadowland.

Everything seems to be taking me three times as long as I expect at the moment, but I'm still planning to carry on with Shadowland for the next week or two.

I've added a link (right) to the The lady vanishes Easter Egg, just in case there's anyone who hasn't found it yet ;-)

The Lord of Eryn CarantaurspacerThe Lady of Eryn Carantaurspacer

11th August. Well, it's actually five days and it's only one chapter... But it is an update!

I hope to post Chapter 9 by the weekend and then, although I still have three or four other short pieces in mind, I plan to keep working on Shadowland for the next couple of weeks...

Honest ;-)

6th August. Well, my (less than one year old) laptop did fail and has gone off to be repaired (or, more likely, written off). In the meantime, I am using my work laptop (Don't tell anyone!) and, although I still have Dreamweaver, I've lost all my special fonts and the means of making pictures and proper graphics. I will have to do some recycling ;-)

I have managed to finish the two extra scenes to The lady vanishes: The wedding (another Berkin episode) and Two nights. Just one more scene to go… Then I need to update Who's Who—apologies, btw, to anyone who has looked there and not found the character they were looking for: it's a mammoth task!—and I would like to do something more with Costumes, but that may have to wait until I get my own laptop back.

Finally, I tend to be over-optimistic when I estimate timescales, but, what the heck, expect the next part of Shadowland in two or three days…

I made these before my poor laptop expired.

The Lord of Eryn CarantaurspacerThe Lady of Eryn Carantaurspacer

This one is probably going to turn into a short story at some point.

The Prince of Mirkwoodspacer

31st July. This is an emergency update, because my hard drive keeps complaining and I'm worried that it's about to fail. If all goes well, I will add a couple of other things in the next day or so.

I've added a sequel to The Little Prince, called The King, for everyone who asked for a happy 'little Legolas' story. Bear in mind, though, that when I wrote Prince, I didn't think of it as sad...

Legolas in Eryn Carantaurspacer

I've also added one more new scene to The lady vanishes, a half-drabble, just 50 words long, called The contest. (I'm still working on two others).

I've finished the new page I mentioned last time. It's called Candid Shots, and it shows Legolas and Eowyn behaving very strangely...

Finally, after not having had any new plot ideas for ages, I've had two! I've put them in the Spoilers list, below, so I don't forget them.

New spoilers

I've got two days' holiday at the end of the week, so, hard drive willing, I plan to work on the next part of Shadowland and another short piece that's been rattling around in my head since I finished The usual suspects.

22nd July. I've added two new chapters to Shadowland, and now the story has really got started! If you don't recognise the crossover, see the bottom of this section!

Thanks to Belle, who sent me details of more Legolas/Eowyn fiction by other writers. I've added links to the stories on the Fanon page.

I thought it was about time I made some pictures of Eowyn.

EowynspacerMelmenyaspacerWhite Ladyspacer

Fell beastspacerCagespacerFuneralspacer


And I couldn't resist sharing some screencaps of Leggy…

Leggy practises with a sword (faster than the eye can see).

These have given me an idea for a new page—I'll see if I can have it ready by next week.

The crossover is with RA Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy.

Drizzt by Todd Lockwoodspacer

If you are not familiar with dark elves, there is some background information here:

Dark elves and Drizzt Do'Urden

14th July. I've added another extra scene to The lady vanishes, which wasn't quite ready on Tuesday ;-)

12th July. I've made a very small update, adding a short piece, called The cage, to the Short stories and drabbles page, and—it's naughty, when I haven't finished The lady vanishes, I know—an extra scene to Misrule in Mirkwood, featuring Legolas as a toddler...

I aim to have the next chapter(s) of Shadowland done by this time next week.

Coming soon...


(Doesn't he look like he's swimming under water?)

3rd July. First a big apology for all the typos in The Yuletide gift, especially the missing 'not' that made Haldir say exactly the opposite of what he meant to say! They should be sorted now.

I've updated Shadowland with two more short chapters.

And I've added a tiny story to the Short stories and drabbles page, which was unexpectedly inspired by a series of ficlets posted by TICS in the Yahoo Group, HallaQuenta.

Victorious elfspacerGraceful elfspacerspacer

26th June. Another week has flown by! But I’ve added two new scenes to The lady vanishes, and an Easter Egg, called How would I stroke your ears?

The Easter Egg was meant to be a PWP, but Legolas is incapable of behaving like an orc for me, even in sport, so Eowyn wipes the floor with him. It does have some pretty graphics though, and I’ve tried to make the links to it more obvious this time. There’s one on this page and another in Chapter 12 of the story.

(I’m very proud of this picture, which seemed to happen all by itself—don’t you think it’s convincing? The image of Legolas is taken from the Council of Elrond—“And you have my bow”—and the one of Eowyn from the trek to Helm’s Deep. And that’s not dandruff, btw, it’s snow).


I’ve also added a References page for The strange sea road—which is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, and that, unlike writing, can be done whilst watching a DVD ;-)

Finally, I’ve added a FAVICON to the index page and to a few other pages I thought people might bookmark. If I’ve got it right, it should appear in your Favourites list (if you bookmark the site) and also, I think, in the title bar of the Browser. (It’s Leggy ;-)


The next Chapter(s) of Shadowland are underway, plus two short pieces for the Short Stories page, one of them inspired by the picture of Legolas watching Eowyn with her sword I made a couple of weeks ago. I’m aiming to post Shadowland next weekend, but don’t panic if it’s a bit late…

19th June. I've updated Shadowland with what claims to be two chapters but is actually one chapter cut in two—I hope you'll see why I've done it that way when you get to the end of Chapter 3.

And: remember the sexy elleth leggies_boots made for me last week? The moment I'd uploaded her, I realised who she was... So look out for her in Chapter 2!

ningloreth (I wish) by leggies_bootsspacer

I've also added another Berkin episode to The lady vanishes, entitled You must be Prince Legolas. I hope you like Berkin. I'm a bit worried that he's my Mary Sue ;-)

I've moved the older site news to an Archive page so that this page will load faster. (Why not just throw it away? Because I never throw anything away).

Finally, I've added a new References page called Mediaeval Pageant. It's the result of a trip I made last weekend to... a mediaeval pageant, hoping to learn more about life in the Middle Ages, particularly life on the move. The main impression I got was that weight simply didn't count! If you wanted to take a bed, all you needed was a cart to carry it in and servants to put it together for you.

12th June. As usual, I've only done a fraction of what I planned to do this week—where did the week go?—but I've added a new scene, My body may be weak now, uncle, and a drabble to The lady vanishes.

I also have another scene well under way, and I will post it as soon as it's finished. The next chapter of Shadowland should appear next weekend or shortly after.

Visually, I've got rid of the garish white snowflakes I was using in The lady vanishes and replaced them with some much prettier grey ones. And...

Guess who's just learnt how to make animated .gifs?

lonely elfspacerLeafspacerGoodnightspacer

A lady called leggies_boots very kindly made me a sparkly signature of a pretty elleth for the Legolas in Your Mind's Eye group, which has given me an idea for a short story because—for some reason—I keep seeing her up a tree, dropping acorns on Leggy... I'll add that to the list of things to do ;-)

8th June. I've added the story of Thranduil's escapade in Eryn Aras to The lady vanishes.

It turned out rather more serious than I'd been expecting…

4th June. At last! I’ve posted the first chapter of Shadowland, preceded by a brief reminder of the Harvest Rite and of two or three rather important characters...

Shadowland is a slight crossover, but if I told you which other fandom it involves I’d have to kill you—ahem—I’d be giving the plot away. So I’ll be keeping it secret until the mystery unfolds ;-)

I’d also hoped to post another scene from The lady vanishes—a companion piece to The letters in which we find out more about Thranduil’s ‘unfortunate business in Eryn Aras’ (I love him)—but it isn’t quite ready yet. If I get it finished during the week I’ll add it straight away.

Meanwhile, I couldn't resist making two new wallpapers and this picture of our elf watching the shieldmaiden practising with her sword (though I was so busy getting Legolas’ profile half-way decent I didn't notice the ducky swimming up Eowyn's back).

I feel an angsty short story coming on…

The shieldmaiden practises

BTW. If you live in the UK, next week is The Beethoven Experience—for 6 days, BBC Radio 3 will be playing nothing but Beethoven, 24 hours a day :-)

Everything he ever wrote!

25th May. Instead of working on Shadowland

After making the Wet Elf picture (below) I got the idea for a (very) short story to go with it, and became obsessed. It's called Wet Elf and it's in the Short stories and drabbles section.

And, because a lot of the extra scenes in the Special Editions are turning out to be flashbacks, I've added a Timeline page, which lists events in chronological order—though I'm not sure whether it's a help or a hindrance ;-)

Also, I discovered this week that there were two versions of the Stories/Library page—one of them very out of date. Apologies to anyone who has been directed there recently. It shouldn't happen again (fingers crossed).

I'm going on the traditional British holiday with my Dad this weekend—imagine you're at the coast, the sky is grey, the water is grey, the beach (consisting entirely of mounds of pebbles) is grey, it's pouring with rain, you're trapped in a steamed-up car, "It should brighten up a bit, soon…"

I may not get much writing done for a few days ;-)

21st May. I've started posting the Special Edition of The lady vanishes, with 3 extra scenes and 2 drabbles.

I'll be adding more scenes (and an Easter Egg ;-) over the next few weeks, adding the characters to the Who's Who page, adding something new to the Costumes page, etc, etc.

In the meantime, Shadowland is coming on slowly.

Other good news is that I've added some music to the chapters in which Legolas sings. The bad news is that it doesn't work. And the worse news is that I don't know why... But bear with me—I'll try to find out and correct it!

Wet Elf!

14th May. An update that sounds much grander than it is!

I've added a new area, called Short stories and drabbles, for pieces that are not related to the longer stories. At the moment, it contains just two short stories and one drabble, which are all linked together—just read them in the order they're listed!

The lord & lady

In memory of my mother whose birthday it would have been today.

She loved art and classical music and was a wonderful calligrapher. She bought me my first laptop; and she would have been proud of my website, even though she wouldn't have approved of its adult content.

6th May. I've posted the final chapter of The usual suspects.

I'm always sad when a story comes to an end, and I'll miss Far Harad, Hentmirë's (Tardis) house, The Silk Road and Ribhadda, and Bint-Anath. But I've already started work on the new story, Shadowland, which is set in Eryn Carantaur (at last!), and I've posted a short teaser. (Run your mouse pointer over the title—it makes me smile every time).

By popular demand ;-) I've also added a link to The time of the Orcs has come Easter Egg, for anyone who hasn't already found it. I hope that, after all the fuss, you won't find The companion of my spirit too disappointing. I wrote it because I was afraid that the extra scenes in Chapter 8 might be making Eowyn jealous…

Finally, I've added two new wallpapers.

24th April. I've just posted chapter 14 of The usual suspects and earlier in the week I added more links to L/E fictions by other authors and another lovely wallpaper by eowynangel.

And I thought it would be fun (for me, at any rate!) to keep a journal of the plans and ideas I have for the site. So…

Coming Soon!

The final chapter of The usual suspects is underway and I hope to have it finished early next week. If you'd like to be notified when it's posted, please join the mailing list!

Once The usual suspects is complete, I'll be starting work on the next story, which is called Shadowland (see the spoiler below), but it will probably be several weeks before I'm ready to start posting that because I do prefer to have two or three chapters in hand (so that I can always go back and refine plot details if I have to).

In the meantime, I'll also be working on a Special Edition of The lady vanishes and I'll start posting the new scenes once I have three or four complete. (I'm planning about 17, but some of them are only drabbles). We'll be learning more about Legolas' nightly vigils in the House of Healing and his trip to a brothel in Esgaroth to rescue his friend Singollo; we'll hear about Eowyn's childhood crush on the dead man, Banduil; we'll see a few of the incidents from Haldir's point of view; we'll learn more about Berkin (and, if I can find the dratted picture, we'll see what he looks like).

We'll also find out what Legolas said to Eowyn when they were waiting to burn their Yule wreath and whether his wish came true!

"Well, I will wish…” He leant towards her and whispered in her ear.

Eowyn’s eyes widened and she laughed. "You wicked elf! I can promise you that that will never come true!” Then she raised herself on tiptoe to whisper back, "How would I stroke your ears if my wrists were chained to the bedposts?”

Something else I'm developing at the moment is a new page for Short stories and drabbles that are not part of the main stories. The first two stories are underway and they are linked—the second one is called Starlight and already has some pretty graphics:

Starlight: Legolas and Eowyn wend their way home

One of my favourite moments from The Fellowship of the Ring. Immediately after the Council of Elrond, we see Legolas running down a flight of steps to join the rest of the fellowhip. He's taken off his beautiful velvet cloak and put on his suede jerkin—and transformed himself from Prince to Hero…

Legolas joins the Fellowship


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