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Details of some of the costumes worn by Legolas and Eowyn.



Legolas' 'everyday' clothes consist of a knee-length undershirt or tunic worn over a sleeveless top, leggings and boots. When out of doors, travelling informally, or fighting, he adds a knee-length suede jerkin. For official visits he wears a silk velvet cloak.

His formal clothes consist of a full-length robe of heavy silk brocade worn over an under-robe of a lighter silk fabric, leggings and boots. With these he may wear a delicate silver or mithril coronet.

Legolas in his green suede jerkin, wearing his bracers and carrying his Mirkwood bow and quiver. The sleeves are petal-shaped. The yoke is embroidered with a sprig design. The side seams are laced.


The sleeveless top and leggings.

Legolas undressedlegolasLegolas undressedlegolas

A closeup.

Legolas undressedlegolas

The undershirt, and two views of the jerkin. The sleeve seams of the undershirt are laced. The front is fastened with silver or mithril hooks. The leggings are made from wool or leather and fastened at the waist with laces.


A close-up of the boots, which are made from leaf-shaped pieces of leather and embroidered with a sprig design.


The more formal tunic (right), made from a light-weight textured silk fabric, showing the high collar, flared sleeves, which partially cover the hands, and the woven belt; and the full-length silk velvet cloak (right), which crosses over the chest and fastens at the shoulder. It is split up the back for riding. The fine fabric drapes beautifully.


Two full-length views of the cloak.


A back view of the cloak, showing the split.


Some genuine mediaeval underpants!


Legolas in Eryn Carantaur shortly after the Ring War, wearing a heavier, more elaborate tunic, made from a pale green brocade, with petal-shaped half-sleeves over long, flared sleeves and softer, more open collar. The tunic fastens down the front with hooks and is belted. It appears to be knee length.

Note the loose, informal hairstyle.


The robe worn at Aragorn's coronation, showing the high collar, front fastening and fitted sleeves. The fabric is a heavy brocade. Note the silver or mithril coronet.

Coronation robelegolas

Full length views of the front and back of the robe.


Details of the light under-robe and and the formal leggings and boots...


Legolas' friend, Singollo Greycloak, in the kind of robe (left) and coat (right) that Legolas would wear, for example, when attending Prince Elfwine's Naming Ceremony or the Yuletide celebrations at Minas Tirith.




Before she came to live in Eryn Carantaur, Eowyn's 'everyday' clothes included formal gowns, such as the green and white gowns she wears in My bow shall sing with your sword; simpler, more practical dresses, such as the one she is seen wearing at Helm's Deep; coats and cloaks; riding gowns; nightresses and mantles. She also owns a suit of armour.

Since moving to Eryn Carantaur she has begun to wear clothes of elven design. For certain occasions, however, she still has her elven seamstress make gowns in the human style, one example being the golden gown she wore in Misrule in Mirkwood.

Eowyn's green 'monster', as worn in My bow shall sing with your sword, and a detail of the golden belt.

Green monster fronteowyngreen monster belt

Details of the neckline, showing the rich embroidery, the 'little boots', and a back view.

green monster necklineeowyn

'little boots'eowyngreen monstereowyn

Eowyn's white gown of fine wool, showing the front and back.

white gown fronteowynwhite gown backeowyn

Details of the bodice and belt (left), the sleeve, showing the decorative seam and the lacing (middle) and the shoes and stockings. The stockings are held up by garters.

white gowneowynsleeveeowynshoeseowyn

Eowyn's riding gown of heavy velvet with split skirt is worn over leggings and boots. The neckline has a shawl collar, the bodice is buttoned down the front. The sleeves are exquisitely embroidered with golden flowers and buttoned from wrist to elbow.

riding gowneowyn

An informal dress, consisting of an underdress, which may be split to allow greater movement, worn over leggings and boots. The underdress is covered either by a tightly-laced bodice that acts as a corset, or by an over-dress.

informal underdresseowynboot and leggingseowyn

A bodice/corset.

corset fronteowyncorset backeowyn

An informal dress (left and middle); worn with a coat (right).

informal dress fronteowyninformal dress sideeowyninformal coateowyn

A nightdress and the 'starry mantle'. The nightress is a simple gown of white silk. The mantle is edged with rich gold embroidery and the 'stars' are pearls or, perhaps, silver beads.

They were clad in warm raiment and heavy cloaks, and over all the Lady Éowyn wore a great blue mantle of the colour of deep summer-night, and it was set with silver stars about hem and throat. Faramir had sent for this robe and had wrapped it about her; and he thought that she looked fair and queenly indeed as she stood there at his side. The mantle was wrought for his mother, Finduilas of Amroth, who died untimely, and was to him but a memory of loveliness in far days and of his first grief; and her robe seemed to him raiment fitting for the beauty and sadness of Éowyn. But she now shivered beneath the starry mantle... Chapter V The Steward and the King, The Return of the King

starry mantleeowynstarry mantleeowyn

Armour consisting of a full mail hauberk worn over a woollen dress and covered by a boiled leather cuirass, laced up the front with rawhide points, to which leather tassets are attached by straps. The sword is almost three feet long, with a bronze guard and pommel and bronze rings on the handgrip. The scabbard is suspended from a shoulder harness so that the sword hangs almost horizontal and can be drawn very quickly.


The woollen dress, mail hauberk, and leather cuirass with tassets.

woollen dresseowynmail hauberkeowynleather cuirasseowynEowyn in armour

Gowns of elven design. The gowns below, as worn by Arwen, illustrate typical elven designs. The underdress, of a semi-transparent fabric, has a low, scooping neckline, edged with rich embroidery, and wide sleeves, which may be lined in a contrasting colour. The overdress of velvet may be embroidered or beaded or plain, and is typically sleeveless, being held up by two narrow straps that leave the neck and sleeves of the underdress exposed.

elven gowneowynelven gowneowynelven gowneowyn

Two close-ups showing the sleeveless overdress with its narrow straps.

elven necklineeowynelven necklineeowyn

A gown of human design, worn to Aragorn's coronation. Eowyn wore a similar gown in Misrule in Mirkwood.

gold gowneowyngold fabriceowyn

Examples of the clothes worn by Eowyn in Carhilivren: a 'tiny bodice' and a soft, translucent skirt or trousers.

'tiny bodice'eowyn'tiny bodice'eowyn'tiny bodice'eowyn

legolas legolas legolas



Details of the film costumes, showing general styles.

Legolas Legolas Legolas
legolas legolas legolas



Details of the film costumes, showing general styles.

Legolas Legolas Legolas