Legolas and Eowyn

“Your father says that Beruthiël will make a full recovery,” said Eowyn. “And, with her face restored, she will be able to mix with people again, and live normally.”

“That is good.”

“Legolas...” Eowyn came up on one elbow and, leaning over him, gazed down, thoughtfully.

“Why does that expression fill me with foreboding, melmenya? What have you done—you have not invited her to come and live with us?”

“No—but that is a very good idea—why not?”

“Because she is a courtesan. And we have no Court.”

“Is that the only reason?”

When he did not reply, she shook him, lightly. “Legolas? You told me that you made love to her only once, because she wanted more money. But when I spoke to her I got the impression that you had spent the entire night with her—and even visited her again...”

Legolas sighed, turning away slightly.

“It is true! You lied to me.”

“I did not want to upset you, melmenya—”

“You did not mind telling me—amongst other things—that you slept with Arwen, but you thought that this would upset me? I would always rather hear the truth.”

“Are you sure?”

“From you, yes.”

“Very well.” Legolas turned to face her. “Beruthiël, out of the kindness of her heart, allowed a callow elfling to stay with her the entire night. She let me learn from her. There was nothing more to it than that.”

Eowyn burst out laughing.

“What is so funny? It was kind of her.”

“Oh yes.” She laughed heartily, shaking her head. “It was selfless! You foolish elf!”

“What have I done now?”

“Poor Beruthiël gritted her teeth and let the fairest, the most,”—she raised her eyebrows—“gifted, most vigorous young elf in all of Mirkwood—its Prince!—pleasure her for an entire night. It must have been torture!” She lay back on her pillows. “She should have paid you, Legolas.”

“Nonsense, melmenya.”

“Well that,” said Eowyn, almost crossly, “is where you are wrong. And I know, because I have spoken to her.”

“And she told you that she should have paid me?”

“Not in so many words. But a woman can tell these things.”

“So you keep saying.” Legolas rolled onto his side, thumped his pillow a few times and settled down with his back to her.

There was a long silence. Then Eowyn said, “You could make a fortune out of me.”


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