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eowyn captive


Part 15


The goblin locked the door behind her, and ambled off to join his fellows. Eowyn waited until he was well out of earshot before she grasped the bars and pulled them.

There was no movement; her prison was secure.

She thought of Legolas.

Had the goblins captured him as well? If they have, she wondered, where is he? She closed her eyes, and tried reaching out to him through their bond, but she could feel nothing. Has something happened to him?

No, it cannot have!

But he must be frantic. He was so afraid that this would happen to me!

Where is he?

She grabbed the bars again, and pulled with all of her strength—

“You’re a lady,” said a voice.

Eowyn looked over her shoulder. One of her fellow captives was watching her curiously. “Where’s your retinue?”

“My... My companions and I were separated.”

“Will someone come looking for you?” There was hope in the woman’s question and, although it was faint, it was enough to stir the rest of the women.

Eowyn thought again of Legolas. Whilst there is life left in his body, she realised, he will not stop looking for me, and whilst there is life left in mine, I will not stop looking for him...

Yes,” she said, firmly.

The woman reacted with a ragged sigh of relief.

Eowyn crouched down beside her. “What is your name?” she asked.


“I am Eowyn. How long have you been here, Gudyth?”

Gudyth shrugged. “It is hard to tell... A long time.”

Eowyn looked at the others. They were thin—some looked ill—and all were filthy, with grubby hands and feet, and matted hair. Most of them had obviously been captive for a very long time.

“What do the goblins want with us?” she asked.

“They make us fight,” said Gudyth. “They like to watch. And wager...”

“Fight with whom?” asked Eowyn.

“Each other,” said Gudyth. “In the mud pit.”