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my bow shall sing with your sword: legolas & eowyn

It was to be their first real night together.

Legolas had had Eowyn's luggage moved into his chambers and they had spent a delightful evening installing her belongings in his elegant bedroom, hanging her gowns in the wardrobe—"This green one will have to go, melmenya, it does not suit you—"; folding her undergarments—with much laughing and teasing—and adding them to his own in the linen chest; arranging her combs and her perfumes and her jars of salve on the dressing table.

"You may soon regret asking me to move into your chambers with you," said Eowyn, glancing around, "for I am not nearly so neat as you are. I shall annoy you with my untidy ways, just as I annoyed—" She broke off, biting her lip and looked at him anxiously.

But Legolas did not seem to have noticed that she had almost mentioned her husband. Instead he pulled her into his arms, laughing. "You will never annoy me, melmenya!" He kissed her forehead. "Would you like a drink? Some wine?"

"Mmm; thank you."

"Wait here." He disappeared into the sitting room.

Eowyn, resting on the bed, ran her fingers over a large, flat, ornately carved box lying on the nightstand. Beautiful, she thought. She picked it up. I wonder if there is anything inside it… She unfastened the catch and opened it. "Oh!"

"Here you are—this is one of my father's best vint—" Legolas stopped in mid stride, one hand outstretched. "I see you have found my guilty secret," he said.

"It is just like the portrait that Faramir had painted of me."

"It is an exact copy, melmenya, also by Master Halmir. I wanted a copy of you, here, with me." He placed the goblets on the nightstand. "But now that I have the original, she, poor lady, must live elsewhere." Gently, he took the painting from her, closed and fastened the box, and placed it on a shelf at the top of the wardrobe.

He sat down beside her. "You do not mind, do you, melmenya?"

"Mind? No, of course not. It is just that I did not know, Legolas. And I am sorry."

"For what?"

"For not recognising your feelings earlier—in the past."

Legolas smiled. "The past does not matter any more, melmenya. Here." He handed her a glass of wine. "To us. To our future."

Eowyn touched her glass to his and took a sip. Then she gazed into the ruby liquid, suddenly reminded of something that had troubled her when she had heard Master Dínendal giving his evidence, earlier that day. "Legolas…"


"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, melmenya."

"The wine you sent me, at the banquet on that first night—was it the potion that the Mistress of the Ceremony prepared? The one that was supposed to make you choose Alatáriël?"

"What do you mean, melmenya?"

"The goblet of wine you sent me, just before the Rite began."

"I did not send you any wine, melmenya."

"But the serving elf told me it was from you—I would not have drunk it otherwise, for it tasted strange." She thought for a moment. "He said, 'Lord Legolas asks you to drink it.'"

Legolas stroked a strand of hair from her face. "What did it taste like, melmenya?" he asked.

"Salty. And it was strong. Very strong. It…" She smiled. "It had a very swift and noticeable effect on—er—certain parts." Her smile broadened into a grin.

Legolas kissed her nose. "I shall have to have a word with this servant who gave my lady a dangerous potion, claiming to do so on my behalf. What did he look like?"

"He was an elf."

"That is not much help, melmenya."

"I did not see him clearly; I would not recognise him again. And no one else saw him—at least, they said they did not. At the time, I thought it might be Arwen—well, her brothers—playing tricks on me." She turned to face him, fired by a sudden thought. "You do not think—you do not think that the Mistress of the Ceremony intended it for Alatáriël, but the serving elf gave it to me by mistake?"

"If that is what happened, melmenya," he said, kissing her tenderly, "I think the Valar had a hand in it. We may never know." He kissed her again. "What I do know, though, is that it would have taken more than a love potion to make Alatáriël attractive to me."

Eowyn laughed.

Grinning, Legolas lowered her onto the bed, and lay between her legs, and kissed her—with increasing urgency—and his erection pressed against her…

Mmmmm. She pulled him close. "Legolas… Did you look at my portrait when…" She whispered in his ear.

Legolas laughed. "Of course, melmenya. Every single time!"




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