to the sea: eowyn and legolas

After three months together, Legolas and Eowyn travel to Dol Amroth to take part in Prince Elfwine's Naming Ceremony. But someone is kidnapping elves—will Legolas be the next victim? Or will Eowyn lose him to the sea?


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By Eowynangel.


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Chapter 1: The invitation
Legolas and Eowyn are invited to attend Prince Elfwine's Naming Ceremony at Dol Amroth. Why is Legolas reluctant to go?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Beauty and the beast
The elves' arrival causes a stir. What is the 'commodity' Herzog offers to his client?

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The predator
The kidnapper strikes.
Extra scene: Sweep's story

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: The reject
Why has the first victim been rejected? And who will be the next victim?

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Immortality
Eowyn makes an important discovery. But why is Wolfram watching her?

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The next victim
Wolfram meets his match.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Kidnapped!
Wolfram strikes again. Eowyn and Haldir are closely confined...

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: To the Sea, to the Sea!
Aragorn leads a rescue mission. How will Legolas fare at sea?

Chapter 8

Chapter 9: I will bring you back...
Eowyn is reminded of her promise.

Chapter 9