Legolas and Arwen

"My lords," said Aragorn. "you have heard the evidence. How do you find Angaráto?"

"Guilty," said Finwë.

"Guilty," said Fingolfin.

"Guilty," said Caranthir.

Legolas nodded. "Guilty..."


Watching himself in the full-length mirror, Legolas untied his sash and draped it over the dressing table chair, then slowly unhooked the fastenings of his robe and slipped it off his shoulders. Beneath the heavy, ceremonial brocade, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt and silver leggings. He opened his wardrobe, looking for a tunic.

Something Eowyn will like...

The bathing room door opened.

He turned, startled. "Arwen! I did not realise..." He smiled—the slight embarrassment adding a delicate colour to his cheeks. "How are you feeling, mell nín?" He caught her by the arms and—gently—made her sit down on the bed. "Eowyn has told me your good news. I am very happy for you, Arwen."

"I can still walk, Lasvelui."

Legolas, crouching before her, looked up in surprise. "You have not called me that in a long time, Arwen," he said, softly.

"It has not been right to call you that in a long time, Legolas, " she replied.

"But it is now?" he asked, thinking, She is so much wiser than I.

Arwen reached down and tucked a lock of hair behind his ear. "Yes. Because now you have found the companion of your spirit."

"Yes, I have." His smile was radiant. "But, surely, that would make it less appropriate..."

Arwen laughed, stroking his cheek. "Now that our hearts have both found their true home, Lasvelui, they can visit each other as old friends—remembering the past and enjoying their memories." She looked deep into his eyes. "What will you tell her, Legolas?"

"About us? I was not planning to tell her anything."

"So you intend to lie to her when she asks?"

"Why should she ask?"

"You have lived a hundred times longer than she," said Arwen. "She will be curious about your past. And, if you hide it from her, it will become a wedge driven between you."

But Legolas could not bring himself to contemplate Eowyn's brief span. Instead, he asked, "Have you told Aragorn?"

"That is different."


"In the world of men, Lasvelui, a man may explore—is expected to explore—the meaning of love with many women before he settles on his spirit's companion; a woman—a maiden—is expected to wait, untouched, until she is discovered by hers. That is why Eowyn is free to ask about your past and why Estel will never ask about mine."

"That is unfair," said Legolas.

Arwen smiled. "Living in Gondor, I have observed much about the life of men that is unfair." She stroked his hair. "Its briefness can be most unfair..."

"Please, do not talk about that—"

"It is something you must face, Lasvelui."

"Yes. But not now," said Legolas. "Not yet. Please."

Arwen cupped his face in her hands. "Your choice was right, mell nín," she said. "We both know that. So, whatever the future holds for you and Eowyn, the Valar will always be with you—"

"LEGOLAS! Legolas—Oh!"

Eowyn stood transfixed in the doorway, colour flooding her cheeks, her hands crushing the door frame.

"Your beloved, Eowyn, was just insisting that I sit down," said Arwen. "He understands nothing of pregnancy—he thinks that I am an invalid."

Eowyn looked from Arwen to Legolas and back again. And, apparently reassured, she smiled. "He is just concerned for you and the baby," she said. She came up beside him, and placed her hand on his shoulder. "You are like a sister to him, Arwen."

And Legolas turned his head and, closing his eyes, pressed his lips to Eowyn's fingers.




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