the time of the orcs has come

Legolas and Eowyn return home to find that several large bands of orcs have settled on the outskirts of Eryn Carantaur. Why are they behaving so strangely? Our favourite couple battles a supernatural enemy.

Special Edition with ten new scenes and an Easter Egg, The companion of my spirit.



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By Eowynangel.

Cover artwork

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Chapter 1: The threat
Several bands of orcs have setted on the border of Eryn Carantaur. What are they doing?
Extra scene: I have fought orcs before!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Something evil
What did Eowyn see in the castle ward?
Extra scene: Smudges of green

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The king's man
Maeglin is dead. How much does the man know?
Extra scene: The paper child
and Postscript

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: The castle keep
Where is Finrod? Legolas and Eowyn search the castle by torchlight.
Extra scene: Pillow talk

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: The mer-maid
Berryn learns more about the creature; Eowyn is poisoned by an orc blade...
Extra scene: The return
Extra scene: My wife!

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The duel
Legolas defeats the merman. But the creature is not so easily beaten.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: The victor
Is Eowyn happy in her new life? Or is the merman lying?
Extra scene: He had seen her naked
Extra scene: The real thing

Chapter 7

Epilogue: The ring bearer
Some Yuletide fun and games before the couple leaves for Minas Tirith.
Extra scene: Pleasant time in Rivendell
Extra scene: For me the grief is too near
Extra scene: I am happy for you

Chapter 8