Legolas and Aragorn

This scene is a slight spoiler. You may prefer to read it after you have read Chapter 12.


“This represents a considerable sum,” said Aragorn, gazing into the casket of jewels—emeralds, rubies, cool, pure diamonds, and sapphires in every colour of the sky—that sat on the desk before him. “Does your father know what you are doing?”


“Does Eowyn?”

“Of course!”

Aragorn smiled. “Of course...”

“The income is to be administered by Lady Emliet—”

“I will wager that is not popular with Lord Glarimar!”

“No.” Legolas smiled. “I think the arrangement will be the cause of much dissention in that household. But the lady is adamant, and I have made her a promise. She will use the revenues to pay Master Silrim an annuity to replace his lost income—”

“However did you calculate that?”

“Berkin did it.”


“—provided, that is, she is satisfied that he is keeping to the terms of our agreement.”

“No more whores.”

“Precisely—of either sex. She will use the remainder of the income to set up a home for Silrim’s women and boys—and any others who come to her in need. None will be questioned; none turned away. All will find a safe home, either here, or in Eryn Carantaur.”


Aragorn leaned back in his chair and regarded his friend curiously. “What is to stop these women turning your safe house into a brothel of their own?”

Legolas smiled. “Lady Emliet,” he replied.




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Legolas obtains some information.

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