Eowyn and Legolas

A tense night in Edeb

Eowyn climbed into the narrow bed. The room was small and chilly, the facilities primitive, but everything—thank the gods—was spotlessly clean. She tucked the coverlet under her chin, shivering between the cold sheets. “Are you coming to bed, Legolas?”

“I—er—I need to check the horses.”

Eowyn threw back the covers

“What are you doing?”

“Coming with you.”

“It is cold, melmenya. And you need sleep.” Gently, he pushed her back into bed and covered her up.

“I need—want—you, here beside me,” she said.

“I will be back soon.”

But she knew that he would not.


Twelve days later, on the journey home

Eowyn climbed into the narrow bed—and felt two strong hands grasp her waist.


Holding her face down, he teased the back of her neck, easing himself between her legs, pressing himself—

“No,” she gasped, “I want to see your face.”

He nipped her ear; then she felt his weight lift, and she rolled onto her back.

Gods, he was beautiful! Love and desire welling up within her, she traced her finger over his smooth forehead, between his dark brows, to the tip of his slightly broad nose, over his perfect, bow-shaped lips...

His mouth grazed her palm.



Grasping the bed sheets, Eowyn arched her body, and let her wild wood elf batter her senseless.



Gerich veleth nín, melmenya,” he murmured.

Smiling, Eowyn opened her eyes and, lazy with pleasure, gazed into her lover’s eyes.

“I love you too.”

Their mouths met.




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The Tense night takes place the night after Mother Night, when Legolas lost control and tried to father a child.
(Just in case you were worried).


Gerich veleth nín … 'I love you' (literally, 'you have my love')