legolas and eowyn

Against a background of the Yuletide celebrations in Minas Tirith, Legolas and Eowyn investigate the disappearance of a young woman and uncover the villainy of a local crime lord.

Special edition with seventeen extra scenes and an Easter Egg.



Cover artwork
By Eowynangel.

Cover artwork

Some icons illustrating the story.


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Chapter 1: Mother Night
What is attracting crows to Osgiliath?
Extra scene: Two nights

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The Quarry
Aragorn and Eomer hunt.
Extra scene: The most handsome man
Extra scene: Come live with me...

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Family Secrets
Where is Florestan's sister?
Extra scene: The contest
Extra scene: The charming Lady Emliet

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: The Dressing of the Yule Tree
Legolas makes an important discovery.
Extra scene: Not the first time...

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: In the Whorehouse
Fidelin tells his story.
Extra scene: The messenger
Extra scene: The wedding

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Apologies and Insults
Eowyn and Haldir follow a suspect.
Extra scene: Will he miss it?
Extra scene: The Yuletide gift
and Three days later

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Little Leafy
Legolas receives a letter.
Extra scene: The letters and The reply Extra scene: Unfortunate business

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Disappointment
Legolas is outnumbered.

Chapter 8

Chapter 9: The Killing of the Wren
Aragorn's hands are tied.
Extra scene: The Prince of Ithilien

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Dernhelm
Eowyn's plan goes awry.
Extra scene: Prince Legolas?

Chapter 10

Chapter 11: Revelations
Gimli uses his axe.
Extra scene: My body may be weak

Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Twelfth Night
Or what you will.
Extra scene: The arrangement
Extra scene: Eowyn gets into trouble!

Chapter 12