legolas and thranduil

"How many lovers did you have before me?"

"Twelve," Legolas admitted.

"Who were they?"

"I cannot tell you that—"

"Why not?" she interrupted. "I told you about mine—and, besides, I need to know."

Legolas sighed—she was right. "There was an elleth my tutor hired," he said, "after my coming of age ceremony—she was the first. There was the daughter of my father's Chief Counsellor. Four ladies at court. An elleth I—er—knew in one of the settlements to the north of Mirkwood. And a serving elleth—"


'My son,' wrote Thranduil.

'My messenger has returned from Eryn Carantaur and told me how things are with you. And I must say that I am disappointed by your behaviour. You admitted to me that you had performed a travesty of the harvest rite with this mortal, but Aerandir tells me that you are now calling her your wife. Do not be a fool, Lassui! Both Lord Galdor and Lord Nevlondeion have, quite separately, assured me that this cannot be the case.

'Whatever words you may have exchanged with her are not sufficient to bind an elf to a mortal. There is therefore nothing to stop you leaving her if you have since come to your senses. Oh Lassui, if you could not keep your leggings laced, why did it have to be a mortal? Could you not at least have chosen one of your own kind?

'Aerandir, of course, extols her charms and says that all of your Counsellors adore her. I have heard about human women and their unique ability to pleasure an elf. Are you absolutely sure that she is not demonstrating her talents to them? Your choice of lovers has never been fortunate, Lassui.'

"He tried to seduce them?" whispered Eowyn.

"To prove to me that they did not love me," said Legolas, hugging her fiercely.




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