misrule in mirkwood

Legolas and Eowyn travel to Eryn Lasgalen hoping to persuade King Thranduil to give them his permission to marry-will Eowyn complete the tasks the Elvenking sets her? Who is terrorising Legolas' former lovers? And who is sleeping with Eomer?

Special edition with (so far) 8 extra scenes.


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Legolas makes a confession.


Chapter 1: Gwilwileth
A day's rest in Lorien.
Extra scene: The butterfly

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Shadows
Who, or what, is following the cavalcade?

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The Elvenking
Thranduil is not pleased.
Extra scene: The Little Prince
Extra scene: The King
Extra scene: The artist
Extra scene: The gyngerbrede

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Eowyn's rivals
Legolas' past is revealed.
Extra scene: The sisters

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: The trial
The Shieldmaiden comes to the rescue.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The first task
Will the Valar smile on Eowyn?
Extra scene: The goblin and postcript

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Singollo Greycloak
Legolas and his friends hunt the bear.

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Clues
Why does nobody see the bear?

Chpater 8

Chapter 9: The Edair of Sad Glawar
Will the Edair listen to Eowyn?

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Firith
Eomer learns the facts of life.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11: Osðryd
Thranduil drives a hard bargain.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12: The third task
Eowyn meets the healer of Eryn Aras.
Extra scene: The first time and

Chapter 12

Chapter 13: Mortality
Can a cure be found in time?

Chapter 13

Chapter 14: Misrule in Mirkwood
All's well that ends well.

Chapter 14