legolas and eowyn

By year 5 of the Fourth Age, Eryn Carantaur was thriving, and Legolas had decided that it was time to hold the colony’s first Harvest Rite. His father, King Thranduil, anxious that his son should perform it successfully, sent his own Mistress of the Ceremony to prepare him. For three months the terrifying elleth lectured Legolas on the mysteries of the Rite, insisting that he remain ‘pure in body and spirit’ during his preparation...


“The Rite is a sacrifice to Yavanna, Lady of the Harvest,” Arwen explained to Eowyn. “It takes place on the ceremonial threshing floor. When it is time, Legolas must choose a lady from the company and lead her onto the floor. Then the Mistress of the Ceremony,”—she pointed to the fierce-looking elleth sitting beside Legolas—“will join them, as if in marriage. And Legolas must consummate the marriage by making love to her.”

“He takes her to his chambers?” asked Eowyn, thinking how painful it would be to sit waiting in the Banqueting Hall, knowing that Legolas and his lady were making love elsewhere, and then to see them return, the elleth flushed with pleasure—

“Oh no, sweeting,” said Elrohir, “he takes her here.”

Eowyn's blood ran cold. “And we must watch?”

“We must play our part,” said Arwen. “The guests find themselves excited by the Rite. It has been known for them to spend the whole night making love, some of them giving pleasure to many partners. It is a beautiful festival.”


A group of excited ellith, carefully selected by the colony’s Chief Counsellor, were seated with their families at the far side of the ring-shaped table. When the time came, the Valar would help Legolas make his choice; he tried to remember the girls’ names.

There was Idril, the daughter of Tathar, a highly respected sword smith. There was Nerwen, the daughter of Findecáno, one of the colony’s healers. Then there was Angaráto’s daughter, Alatáriël—Valar, she was a handful! The number of times he had tactfully had to repel her clumsy advances! And tonight she looked ridiculous, her bodice cut too low and her translucent skirts revealing her thighs...

Legolas sighed. The others, he simply could not remember and, although he supposed they were all nice enough, and could be considered attractive, they were not to his taste.

Not like her, he thought. Not one of them can hold a candle to her.


“My lord, it is time,” said the Mistress of the Ceremony, placing a goblet in Legolas’ hand.

The lord of Eryn Carantaur took a deep breath, lifted the goblet to his lips, drained it, and waited expectantly.

Nothing happened.

He looked slowly around the assembled company, examining each female face in turn, but nothing was different; none of the eligible ellith had changed in any way.

Something is wrong, he thought. The Valar will not bless our Harvest Rite. By lusting after Eowyn when I should have been thinking chaste thoughts, I have doomed the entire colony to bad harvests...

But then he saw—out of the corner of his eye—a faint silvery glow surrounding one of his guests. And, as he turned to watch, the glow grew into an aura, shimmering and sparkling and completely surrounding her; and she, suddenly becoming aware of his attention, dropped her gaze and stared fixedly at the table.

No, thought Legolas, it is just your wishful thinking. She is mortal and already married. The Valar would never give her to you. And yet, when he looked once more at the rest of his female guests, he could see quite clearly that Eowyn was the only one who was glowing...

Yavanna had answered his prayer!

He rose clumsily to his feet and, with something less than elven grace, half-ran towards the radiant woman, holding out his hands: “My lady?”

A murmur of surprise—and some disapproval—rippled through his guests, but Legolas ignored it. The Valar have answered my prayer, he thought, she is my heart's own choice. “My lady?”

Slowly, the woman raised her eyes and studied his face.

And, for a long, heart-faltering moment, Legolas though she might refuse him.

But then she rose to her feet and accepted his hand.

And, suddenly, Legolas could restrain himself no longer—he swept Eowyn into his arms and whirled her round and carried her—both of them laughing—to the centre of the threshing floor, where he lowered her to the ground and kissed her passionately.




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Chapter 1: An ordinary day
But Eryn Carantaur is no ordinary place...

Chapter 1

But then he saw, out of the corner of his eye...
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