shadowland legolas and  eowyn

After an accident in the forest, Eowyn struggles home. Why does everything seem so strange? And why is Legolas so distant?


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A brief reminder of the Harvest Rite and of two important characters.


Chapter 1: An ordinary day
But Eryn Carantaur is no ordinary place...

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: It begins
Eowyn struggles home. What has Legolas been up to?

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Darkness
Haldir investigates. Hentmirë sends for help.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Three's a crowd
Legolas and Eowyn talk. Why are their stories so different? Lord Fingolfin has his suspicions.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Fears
Haldir finds an ally; Valandil prepares for war; Legolas makes a decision.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The Aelvorn
Fingolfin explains his theory; Legolas follows a fugitive.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: The cleft
The dark people appear; Haldir arrives too late; Legolas takes a risk.

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Double Trouble
Legolas and Eowyn are reunited. Shadow Legolas lays down some rules; his messenger has two strange encounters.

Chapter 8

Chapter 9: The Underdark
Wilawen is taken deep into the Underdark; the elves follow.

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Friends in need
Lord Fingolfin asks Legolas for a favour; Aranwë rides home; the Shieldmaiden defends her people.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11: The guardian
Drizzt hides Wilawen; the elves struggle through the Underdark; Orodreth delivers a message.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Disagreements
Shadow Eowyn faces up to the realities of leadership; shadow Legolas makes a decision.

Chapter 12

Chapter 13: The hook horror
Wilawen and Guenhwyvar face a hook horror; the elves get some unexpected help; Arinna discovers Cyllien's secret.

Chapter 12

Chapter 14: The rival
Arador wonders if he's dead; Legolas comes face to face with the drow; Eowyn is comforted.

Chapter 14

Chapter 15: The drow
The elves are attacked; Cyllien makes a decision; Wilawen fetches a good price.

chapter 15

Chapter 16: Confusions
Haldir and Shadow Eowyn grow closer; Legolas and Golradir find the Drow encampment; Arador has an idea.

chapter 16

Chapter 17: The demon
Wilawen spars with her new owner; the elves suffer a fate worse than death.

chapter 17

Chapter 18: Departures & arrivals
Legolas and his companions set out for Minas Tirith; Shadow Legolas arrives.

chapter 18

Chapter 19: The discovery
What exactly happened in the explosion? How will the elves survive in a brothel?

chapter 19

Chapter 20: Osgiliath
Legolas and Eowyn get some unexpected help; Shadow Eowyn and Hentmirë make friends.

chapter 20

Chapter 21: The truce
Can Wilawen use her new power? Or will she be forced to come to 'some arrangement'?

chapter 21

Chapter 22: Minas Tirith
Haldir and Arador pose as merchants; Legolas takes a chance; Shadow Eowyn quizzes Hentmirë.

chapter 22

Chapter 23: The escape
How badly is Valandil injured? Will Wilawen succeed in rescuing him and the other elves?

chapter 23

Chapter 24: The King
Legolas and Eowyn storm the Palace; Haldir and Arador take a risk; Shadow Eowyn shares a secret.

chapter 24

Chapter 25: Flight
The elves escape from the brothel. Will Pharaun keep his word?

chapter 25

Chapter 26: Preparations
Shadow Legolas confronts Shadow Eowyn; Legolas and Eowyn return to Emyn Arnen.

chapter 26

Chapter 27: Farewell
Pharaun, Wilawen and Drizzt set out on a journey.

chapter 27

Chapter 28: The battle
The fighting begins. Wilawen makes one final bargain.

chapter 28

Chapter 29: Sunshine & shadow
How will it end?

chapter 29