season of mists

Autumn: King Thranduil is visiting Eryn Carantaur for the first time; Legolas is nervous about the Harvest Rite; and a man is found dead in the new building works...



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Arinna throws down the gauntlet.


Chapter 1: Repercussions
Legolas welcomes his father; Heral the carpenter makes another enemy; someone is watching Eowyn.

chapter 1

Chapter 2: The body
A body is found: Legolas and Eowyn begin their investigation.

chapter 1

Chapter 3: Something in the Woods
Interlude: Eowyn makes a grim discovery.

chapter 3

Chapter 4: The charm
Leglolas and Eowyn question more suspects; Gimli and Hentmirë lead the search for the missing girl.

chapter 4

Chapter 5: The Rite
The investigation continues; Legolas and Eowyn prepare themselves for the Harvest Rite.

chapter 5

Chapter 6: Complications
Leglolas and Eowyn question Cyllien; Gimli and Thorkell pursue the tad-dail.


Chapter 7: More lies
The tad-dail attack, Hentmirë is very brave; Thranduil tells some lies.


Chapter 8: Dilemmas
Legolas faces a difficult decision; Eowyn does some DIY; Gimli and Thorkell go hunting.


Chapter 9: The rescue
Legolas and Eowyn make some important discoveries; Thorkell and Gimli deal with the tad-dail.


Chapter 10: Peace at last
The problem is solved.
Epilogue: Eowyn asks one final question