the strange sea road

Legolas and Eowyn are kidnapped by slavers from Far Harad. Can Faramir and Haldir rescue them?


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Chapter 1: Slavers
Legolas and Eowyn are kidnapped.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The market
Legolas is auctioned. What does his new owner want from him?

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Balcony scene
What will become of Eowyn? Can Valandil and Wilawen survive in the desert?

Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Haldir
Who is threatening Hentmire? And who is the mysterious prisoner?

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Hentmire's secret
What has happened to Haldir? What was Hentmire's foolish mistake?

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: New lamps for old
What does Baalhanno want? Can Valandil find a way out?

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: The sleeper
Who is Naqiya-Zakutu? Why has she been awakened?

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Cat and mouse
Will help ever reach the island?

Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Outwitted
Baalhanno is one step ahead.

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: The Sea and Sindbad's ship
The djinn plays his part.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11: The Land of Kuri
Baalhanno's plan is revealed.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Just deserts
Evil is its own reward.

Chapter 12