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This page is a fairly comprehensive list of Legolas/Eowyn fanfiction. If I've missed anyone out—and I'm sure I have—I'm sorry. If you know of a story you'd like to see included, please email me,


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Where possible, I've provided a link to the story (click on the title). For sites that don't permit linking, I've just given the author and site details. The quotes are used without permission but no harm is intended—they are included to whet your appetite. In some cases they have have been reformatted. I hope no author will take offence.

Some writers have changed their usernames since I compiled this list!
Stories that no longer seem available on the web are marked with a *
Unfinished stories are marked with WIP.



I love the Legolas/Eowyn pairing because it has all the advantages of slash without actually being slash. Legolas is not a typical male, Eowyn is not a typical female, and their relationship is not a typical male-female pairing. So, within a single scene, they may shift—and I'm not just talking about sex—from male-female to female-male or to male-male or to female-female.

I started writing my own stories because nothing I'd read quite satisfied me—I wanted Legolas and Eowyn to have a happy, ongoing relationship and, though they may suffer some angst in my stories, you can rest assured that I will never let any real harm come to them!

Most other writers, however, seem drawn to the tragic potential of the pairing so, for most of the following, have your tissues ready.



I've grouped the first four stories together because these have had the biggest influence on my own stories.

A Healing Union by Larien. This is the story that introduced me to the Legolas/Eowyn pairing and it is still one of my favourites, providing the inspiration for the ending of To the Sea, and for many bathing scenes! Fighting on the Deeping Wall, Eowyn is overpowered by an Uruk Hai. Legolas comes to her rescue but is stabbed by a poisoned dagger. As Eowyn nurses him she finds herself fighting Sauron's evil influence:

I reclined in the warm bath, leaning back against my lover as he washed my skin, his lips roaming my neck. The others would be awake soon, including my uncle. What would he think of what I had done? What would Eomer think if he knew I had given my virginity to an Elf? It occurred to me that the larger part of me did not care any longer. After suffering months of Grima’s leering glances and poisoned words, months of fear and loneliness, I had found love in Legolas’ arms. A few days ago I was Eowyn, the Proud Shield Maiden of Rohan, now I was an Elf Prince’s lover, for that was all I could ever be to him, his lover. I rolled over in the water and placed my arms on each side of him as I pressed the length of my body against his and his soft lips graced mine. He was proud, beautiful, and sometimes arrogant, his laughter was like music in my ears, his soft voice melted my heart. I could no longer hear Grima’s sick voice in my head; Legolas had driven it out. He had healed my heart and given me love that I felt totally unworthy of.


My Love by Terri, at Part of a trilogy in which Legolas, Eomer, and Aragorn seek female company after Helm's Deep. One of the few L/E stories with a happy ending.

When her body sagged limply back to the wet earth, Legolas moved again, rolling so that his back was pressed into the earth, Eowyn stretched over him. She gasped, her hands clutching to him frantically for a moment. “Legolas?” she questioned, her eyes a bit fearful. “We are still joined, melamin,” he encouraged her, his hands guiding her to sit up. “Ride to your pleasure.”


Namárië by Alida-Fruit. Very, very sad but very beautiful. This is the main reason why my Eowyn is immortal!

"Oh, Legolas. Come here," Éowyn said sadly, her withered hands lifting from her lap to slowly reach out to him, though it looked like the simple maneuver was strenuous. Legolas found himself hesitating once again, for he knew as soon as he touched Éowyn he could fool himself no longer.


Where the Blue of the Night by Holly Golightly.
IMPORTANT This story seems to be available only via the Wayback Machine, but linking directly to the story doesn't work. Click on the link above, then (on the new page) click on the fanfiction link, then on Where the Blue of the Night.

To both his delight and sorrow, she had not aged. The years had not taken a toll on her, and it seemed almost uncanny. Her hair was as vibrant and as beautiful as ever, her skin as pale and her eyes as beautiful as he had ever seen. "Èowyn?" he asked, as though he was uncertain, but he was utterly sure. She nodded, and beamed. He forgot, for a second, about the Grey Ship, and ran to her, embracing her tightly.

She doesn't explain why Eowyn hasn't aged, but I think it's a great idea & the very first story I planned (but never wrote) was based on it: Legolas and Gimli, en route for the Grey Havens, stop at Emyn Arnen to take leave of Eowyn's grandson. Barahir tells Legolas a terrible secret—his grandmother is not dead but is living as a recluse, somewhere in the Palace, and wants to see him. Legolas agrees. He awaits her with trepidation; she enters; he turns; she raises her veil—and she is as young and as lovely as she was the first time he saw her. She travels to the Grey Havens with him, they become lovers, and he takes her to Valinor. I hadn't worked out why she hadn't aged, nor why she was permitted to sail West, but I think it would have had something to do with her having slain the Witch King.



Thank you to Belle and to Trix for sending me details of some of the stories.


All I ask of you by Sugar101.

"Not here, you deserve to be made love to on the soft earth of the Golden wood under the bright stars. Not hear among the cold lifeless stone" Eowyn smiled up at him and placed a hand over his heart. "Does it really matter? As long as I have you" Legolas covered her hand with his and kissed her lips softly and rest his forehead against hers.


* Beautiful by BladeCelebare. This story no longer seems to be available on the web.

Eowyn stared at him blankly for a moment, her brain not quite registering his words until he reached forward and pulled her into his arms. She struggled weakly for a moment against his surprisingly powerful arms, but only for a moment: when she felt his soft, warm lips against hers she relaxed limply in his embrace. His touch wo geo gentle, so light that it left her tingling for more, but before she could react he had pulled away. A small, almost shy smile played about the corners of his mouth, and his sky-blue eyes were warm and inviting. “Would I have done that if you weren’t attractive to me?” he asked. “You’re not Aragorn.” “I have better taste than he does.”


Bleak Happiness by Esperanza Fuega. Have you ever seen the end of The Graduate?

Rising to my feet, I move through the row of seats I am in swiftly, thanking those same Gods I just cursed for being an Elf. Scooping Éowyn up into my arms, I vault out the window, landing gracefully. Smiling at my love, I put her in the saddle of a mount, Aragorn’s, before leaping onto another horse. Aragorn shall harm me for stealing his horse, but it is of no matter now.


Breaking Traditions by I-Love-Too-Much-Stuff-To-Say.

Summary: Eowyn is tired of being left behind and wishes to show the world she is capable, with a little help from a certain blond elf.


Burden and a blessing, A and When love's reflected by Tilara.

Climbing out of the water I face the charismatic being that would ease my loneliness. Flaxen hair, chiseled features and sapphire eyes that were filled with wisdom and knowing. Though this Prince before me is more than I could have asked for, he is not the one I yearned for. A certain king has my stolen my heart, but one day, one day I may have the courage to take it back and give it to this elf.


Cage of a Different Kind, A by Alanic.

Summary: Legolas is seriously injured in the battle at Helms Deep. Who will save him?


Cold Comfort by Lady Aranel. A beautiful, sad story in which Legolas remembers Eowyn as she once was.

"Do not let him go, Legolas," she whispered. I knew not if she meant to have me make him stay with her or that I should cleave to him on our journey. The former I could not do, the latter I could not but help. "I can not keep him, malthenil," I sighed and stroked her hair. "But I will see him safe, I promise." She disentangled herself from me and my heart felt as if it had been emptied out by the absence of her touch. She straightened and met my gaze proudly. "Then I will take my leave of you this night and hold you to your vow." She laid a gentle hand against my cheek and I placed my hand upon my heart. "Namár--" I began to say. She pressed her fingers to my lips. "Say it not!" she commanded and silenced any other words with one, sweet kiss.


Comfort by Voleuse. Another threesome.

"She needs more," Aragorn mutters against the elf's skin, and her body arches as Legolas twists his hips, roughly thrusts into her. Under Aragorn's eyes, they couple fiercely, and Eowyn bites back a scream. As fire surges through her, she thinks that Legolas turns, that Aragorn slants lips against his, but she is overwhelmed. She cries her climax with a shuddering moan, and night falls against her eyes.


Conspicio by Saelle.

"How would you understand unattainable emotion, Master-Elf?" she demands, with a mild degree of surliness woven in her voice. She pauses, and even in the foggy night he can see her willing herself desperately not to shed tears. "Your kind has no emotion. Your kind knows nothing of it. Nothing."


Constant Shadow by Tiniwiel.

Summary: Two months after the death of her husband, Eowyn is pregnant and alone at the New Year. Set six years after The Return of the King, slightly AU. Past LegolasxEowyn and FaramirxEowyn.


Corner of Your Eye and the unfinished sequel, Dreams Fade with the Dawn, by eck.

Legolas looked down on her for a long moment before he once again took her in his arms and gently planted a kiss on her lips. It was not passionate, not full of fire, it was a kiss of only the sweetest and purest love. Then he withdrew after a moment and pulled reluctantly away from her arms. “Farewell, Eowyn,” he called as he swung on to Arod’s back. “Cormamin niuve tenna' ta elea lle au'.


Desire by Pirate-x-Girls

Summary: Legolas and Eowyn both admire each other from afar, but their true feelings for each other are not known.


Dutiful Galion by Avaril. A Legolas/Haldir/Eowyn threesome!

Though, Haldir was the one teasing his earlobe, Legolas' lustful gaze was on Eowyn. With his finger crooked, he beckoned her come to them both. A little hesitant, she took another puff before she stood and stumbled to them. Haldir was now watching her as well, as he licked and nipped trails up and down Legolas' neck. The prince took the pipe from her, taking a long deep inhale of the mind-bending drug. Closing his eyes, he threw his head back against the couch so that he faced the ceiling, his long golden hair dangling over the side. Holding his breath for a moment, he allowed the affects of the hobbit-weed to infiltrate every part of his body. Slowly he exhaled through his nose, as golden and blue swirls danced behind his closed eyelids. Quietly he whispered, "Eowyn, come sit on my lap…"


Dwarf Women and Elvish Men by FluffyFluff.

Summary: Eowyn just can't always keep her thoughts to herself, which sometimes results in the insulting of certain elves.


Ease My Heart by NierielRaina at Sequel to I Am Of The House Of Eorl, which tells the events of LOTR from the point of view of Eowyn's beloved wolfhound, Docga. Legolas and Eowyn friendship.

"My Lady?" The tall figure walked down the barn aisle, the last rays of sun shining through the door onto the golden head. Stopping at a certain stall, his eyes brimmed with tears at the sight before him, and he took a deep breath, and released it, before entering. "It is time, then." He kneeled beside the White Lady of Ithilien, reaching a hand out to stroke the dog's ears. "I will miss this one. Never shall I forget the love and devotion he showed to you. Oh, how he loves you, Eowyn."


* Educating Legolas by Victoria P. This story no longer seems to be available on the web.

“Legolas is going to meet with a creature called Márissúë, and to her he will give his heart...Legolas has never been with a woman before, and he needs to be educated before he meets his destiny.”


Elf and the Shield Maiden, The by Sassygirl82.

Summary: Set after the battle of Helm's Deep. Just a cute story about our favorite elf and warrioress.


Eowyn, Part 6 of Warrior Elf, by Nessa. A short but moving L/E interlude in an otherwise slash (mainly Legolas/Boromir) story.

She helped the Elf into his armour, buckling belts and tightening laces. Every touch was precious and her fingers were apt to linger upon his shoulder or his arm. And then when he was ready, she stood by his side and both Elf and Woman stared at one another. Eowyn smiled up into the grave face and reached out to tuck in a stray lock behind a pointed Elven ear. Her hand was shaking and Legolas took it in his hand. But still they could find no words to say.

Have a whole box of tissues handy!


Eowyn's Song by Sammia Took. Eowyn sings in Elvish!

"How the stars can be so majestic, beautiful, and powerful, and one has come down and walks upon Middle Earth, and can be an image, never sore to the eye. That can enchant all who look upon him, making the world seem right for once." Eowyn smiled, tears brimming from her already red-lipped eyes. "And, who can stun even me." Eowyn looked at him, and sighed inwardly. Not brushing away her tears, she lifted her hand to his cheek, which she began to stroke gently. Tracing the outline of his lips, she drew away gently after brushing her finger across them.


Ethereal Night by Éowyn Angel.

"I think you should get some sleep Milady," he said. " Tomorrow is another day. Our conversation and this kiss will fade with the dawn, like some kind of dream. Good Night Milady."


Fall on Me by MusicGirl87.

He pulled away abruptly, gasping for air. “I apologize, my Lady,” he appeared startled. “This was not my place. I- I must go.” Eowyn opened her mouth her protest, but Legolas was gone.


First sight by Éowyn Angel.

A drabble inspired by my stories!


Fleeting glimpse of shadow, A by LeRouret. Set in the same world as Pottymouth, and told through the eyes of an original male character.

...what he'd seen was burned on the insides of his eyelids as though it had been branded there. Two long, sinuous, graceful bodies, golden hair, shapely limbs and languid fingers, white radiant skin with the bloom of heat still on it; Éowyn, face-down, her head resting on her folded arms, Legolas straddling her, a pen in one hand, drawing something on the back of her bare shoulder. Both nude, sated, cavalier, roguish; the curve of buttocks, the bunch and play of moving muscle, the light scent of citrus and rosemary.


Free by Silivren Tinu.

Éowyn raised her hands towards the sky, as if she wanted to embrace the world, and again she laughed. Legolas watched her with a smile. He knew that the woman beside him felt as uncomfortable being trapped between walls of stone in a large city as he did, used as she was to the endless plains and gently rolling hills of Rohan, where the sky and the sea of grass seemed to touch on the horizon. After spending the last days confined to a room in the citadel, either talking about matters of state or locked in tedious negotiations with various delegates, both of them had felt the need to escape duty, tiring conversations, and walls for a while. They had stumbled across each other in the stables by accident early in the morning, and had decided to leave together, as they obviously planned to do the same thing.


From the shadows by moonlit tears.

“Tell me of your adventures, Legolas,” Éowyn said softly, leaning into his shoulders. “I have not lived any great adventures, so I wish to hear all about yours. Tell me of the places you visited and the people you met. Tell me everything. My heart yearns to hear this.” She sighed wistfully. “Someday, I will have had adventures of my own. And then I shall seek you out, and tell you all about them.”


Hardest Thing, The by puffer/purefoysgirl. This story is a response to an AFF challenge: 'Legolas and Eowyn union post Faramir's death. Abuse ... Violence'. (Thanks to Trix for finding a working link).

Your slender, fine-boned hands rise to grip my wrists. Such strength in those hands, a corded strength from so many years of mastering a bow. I wince as those fingers tighten, vice-like, leaving marks that will bruise. Bruises to match the others—a risk I run to taste you, a price I willingly pay. You wrench my hands off of you, willing to be touched only on your terms, but you do not push me away. You never push me away, even in the worst of it you never push me away.


Heaven dissolvèd so by Victoria P. Legolas and Eowyn comfort each other after Aragorn is 'lost' on the way to Helm's Deep.

She tastes of honey mead and the cool rush of air over open fields. She tastes of life in the face of death, and it overwhelms him. For how can any live through such sorrow, such despair, and still taste of sweet life and hope? She breaks the kiss and searches his eyes with her own; he kisses her again -- forehead, eyelids, the smooth curve of her cheek. Her arms tighten around his neck, her hands tangle in his hair, and her breath on his skin sends shivers down his spine. He rests his head in the crook of her neck. Their golden hair mingles, gleaming in the dim light, and for a moment he wonders where he ends and she begins.


Ice Queen by Cr8zeCorbinFangirl.

He looked at her, she looked at him. A brush of the lips came, responded by both elf and the maiden. His hand removed itself from beneath her fingers, brushing down to her waist, pulling her close. He felt her fingers wrap themselves around his slender neck. Their kiss became deeper as their emotions hightened. The warmth of the sun overwealmed them as the feeling of love volumed to such a height inside them, lust could only fulfill it. So thus, they fell upon Grima's bed…


In the wind by TenTenD.

Summary: Though there is not much time between the immortal and the mortal, bonds are formed through the smallest of things. It is these little things that matter in any grand achievement. Drabbles centered around Eowyn and Legolas and the ties than bind them.


* I save my love for one by Legolaslover58. This story no longer seems to be available on the web.

"Must it be his love that will make you feel happy?" he asked daringly. "My lord?" she asked, puzzled by his words. He deeply regretted his foolishness, but he did not regret what he said, for his words were true, why was Aragorn the only one that could make her happy, why couldn't he also make her happy? He gathered up as much courage as he could muster, which was extremely difficult, he had fought countless numbers of Orcs and Urk-hai. But he couldn't face the woman he loved.


I Wanna Grow Old With You by legano-san. A songfic, based on a song by Westlife.

“Legolas, why can’t you tell your people? How am I supposed to love you, if you can’t tell?” Eowyn said, she was sitting beside Legolas. The sky was clear that night and the moon shown brightly over them. “I will, I promise.” he said, turning towards her. “Legolas, you’ve promised to many times. Unless you stay true to your word” she got up and started to walk away, but she turned around to face him. “I can’t love you” and so, she left.


Lady of the Necklace: The Return of the Shield Maiden by ofThornsandRedPetals09

Summary: The Elves are about to sail to the Undying Lands or known as Valinor, but a new dark presence came to Middle Earth and ceased them from returning to their homeland. The new enemy threatens to destroy the entire race of Elves and there's only one person who can save them. (Legolas/Eowyn/Haldir) (Eowyn-centric fic).


* Laurelena: Golden Maid of the Stars. This story no longer seems to be available on the web. A long story in two books, with a very interesting twist. But be warned: this story is a mixture of bookverse and movieverse, and its Legolas has dark hair!

He led her into a grove of white-blossomed trees and shook the branches above her so that the sweet scented petals drifted on her like fragranced snowflakes. She twirled and laughed, her arms about her, forgetting all her troubles and concerns, enjoying his little trick. Legolas silently jumped down and landed behind her. He made a loud clear whistle of a bird, which sent her spinning around to him only to find herself in his arms and he was smiling too at her, so calm and pleased at seeing her warm and at ease, unlike the previous night. But soon her laugh died as she remembered her task, and pain passed before her eyes, for she knew her true heart at last. She loved him. And she knew she was denying herself this love, this happiness that was right here before her. She was turning her back on it. And when he saw her face, he knew it too. The happy moment had passed.


Let Me Touch You For Awhile by Dragonsinger77.

"Do you miss your home? Your family?" The blond elf nodded. "Yes. All the time. Lately, I've discovered that I'm not really comfortable inside stone walls. I miss the trees, the animals, and my parents, mostly. "Your wife?" Eowyn boldly asked. Legolas laughed softly. "I'm not married." "Oh."


Longings and A night between two days by MelanayeBaggins.

"Do not despair, my love," Eowyn’s weak voice entreated him. "I have lived more in my long years than I ever thought possible. Experienced such joys and sorrows as most people merely dream about. I feel now that it is time to leave you, my only regret is the pain my passing will cause to you and our family. I beg of you, meleth, do not fade from life, not yet." Legolas looked up at these words, meeting her eyes once again, praying that it would not be the last time.


Lost tale of Legolas and Eowyn, The by KateM.

Legolas took a deep breath. Faramir was not yet dead when Legolas found him. His last words were about Eowyn, and Legolas was going to repeat them to Eowyn. "Faramir was still alive when I last saw him with my eyes. He said to me 'take care of her my brother. Comfort her for the rest of her days'."


Love between an Elf and a Woman, The by Arwennicole. An epic story crammed into a tiny space!

“Don’t let Faramir’s saying destroy everything we have, I love you and I want to be with you if you want to be with me,” she said. Legolas kissed her forehead and sighed. “I want to be with you, I love you Eowyn. I pledged my love to you and promised that I’d give up my immortality so I could be with you,” he said.


Misty Month, The by LeRouret at LOTR meets the Age of Chivalry: Legolas is Eowyn's Green Knight.

Another sharp pain made her double over, and through her cries she heard Legolas calling to his scouts; then there was the feeling within her of something snapping, and warm water began to run down her legs. When the pain subsided she was surprised to find herself upon her knees in the frosty loam once more, with Legolas' arms about her; he was saying: "Make it very big – we need a lot of heat. And fetch water from that stream over there in the helms, and as many stray cloaks and blankets from the packs you might find. Was there any soap in the supplies?"


Moonlit Night by Two Girls and a Little Insanity.

Legolas moved himself up slowly, and caught her lips in a soft kiss. She responded, kissing him back gently. Eowyn suddenly pulled away when it occurred to her what she was doing. She began to stand up. Legolas caught her arm. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." He whispered. "It's fine." She replied with a small smile. He returned her smile gently. He lay back down and slipped into sleep. And she watched him sleep, under the moonlit sky.


Nothing's set in stone by DC-BA.

Summary: One-sentence challenge: 64 prompts, 2 thousand words, 1 pairing. EowynxLegolas


Porcelain and Gold by Mei. Legolas/Eowyn/Haldir.

"Eowyn." Legolas was at her side making introductions. "My consort, Haldir." He waved a hand at the silver elf but it was quite unnecessary for Haldir was already bending to nuzzle her cheek. After taking her other hand in his, Legolas smiled. "You kept me from darkness and to that we are both indebted to you." He dropped his head to capture her lips, slipping his tongue past her teeth to explore within. She was in a dream. There was no other explanation for this. No explanation to why she stood so willingly before the two naked elven males and why she did not say anything as they peeled her gown from her form. Nor could she possibly explain why she did not protest as they tugged her down to kneel on the blanket with them.


Pottymouth by LeRouret. A completely AU story and a lot of fun! No snippet could possibly do it justice, but here's a flavour:

"I don't want [Faramir's] fucking money," Éowyn says. There are spots of red on her cheeks, and her pretty silver eyes are flashing angrily. "I don't need anything from him. I have Legolas. And even if I didn't, I wouldn't deliberately seek him out and ask him for my money back. I'd rather live in an alley and push a grocery cart full of trash around than see him again." That's my Shieldmaiden! Fucking shame my being proud of her makes my plonker stand up and take notice. What is it about her being cheesed off that makes me so fucking randy? I put my hand on her thigh; she's quivering, like she quivers when I'm about to enter her. Oh fuck, I want to be inside her. "There, there, acushla," I say, giving her a little squeeze. "Love your agro, but we need to finish this rave-up and get to business." She turns to me, her pretty red mouth pouting; oh bugger would I love to bite that lower lip, suck it into my mouth...


Price of Freedom, The by Erin Lasgalen. Probably the most inventive L/E story I've ever read. And very erotic! It deserves a long quote:

[Legolas] smiled against her lips, his forehead pressed against hers. “When you woke in the Temple without your memories, I could smell your desire for me. It was like the perfume of a sweet flower that had bloomed at long last after a bitter spring.” His hand at her back moved up her spine, sliding beneath her tunic. His hand smoothing over her bare skin made her gasp against his mouth. “When you kissed me, I felt as though my body had been set afire. Fool that I was, I barely knew what it was I was feeling. It was so new, unlike anything I had ever known. I wanted you, and that filled me with wonder and fear for us both.” He kissed his way down the line of her throat. “I would have sealed these words in my heart forever, afraid to speak them aloud, afraid to reach out and take what I wanted. I fear nothing now. I am less gentle than I was. I want you still, like a fire in my veins. You body, your blood, all of you! Lay with me, Eowyn. We may still have one sweet taste of what might have been. And when the dawn comes, I shall set your soul free of this darkness, as you wished. But I shall remember you always.” She tilted her head back, laying her throat bare to him. “Drink the first draught,” she whispered. He kissed her once more, deep and lingering. Then he buried his teeth in the base of her throat. He drank down the river of her life, his body trembling against hers in eager pleasure. He bore her down upon her back and she arched against him, wrapping her arms and legs around him. A wave of pressure and pleasure was building low in her body. Every heightened sense was filled with his scent, his taste, the feel of the bare silken skin of his back under her hands, the weight of his body upon hers. The dam burst within her, sending a blazing backdraft wave of fire burning through her. She bowed her back and cried out as it swept her up on its crest, leaving her breathless and spent when it finally began to subside.


Proper Choices by Kelyi. A real heartbreaker.

"Go... Be happy, Éowyn, that's all I request. And one day, if you change your mind, you shall know where to find me."


Rohan's Gold by Ziggy3.

Summary: Meduseld. The roof shone golden in the sun. He had not appreciated it last time, only listened to Gimli's muttered observations that it didn't look much like a golden hall. Now he knew the gold here was not on the roof.


Sanguine Lies by Pandastacia.

Summary: Forty-three seconds. Out of three-hundred sixty-five days, it's not enough. But they will live with this unconventional fantasy.


Save This Last Dance by TheObsidianPhoenix.

Walking up to his love, as she stood with her new husband, he made a graceful bow before them. Straightening, he looked at her full in the eye and spoke softly, “My lady of Ithilien, would you do me the honour of this dance?”


Serenity by falln-angl.

‘Your face…’ he murmured, a memory flitting in his mind. She looked enquiringly at him. ‘Master Elf?’ ‘It is familiar to me somehow, your face,’ he explained. ‘Yet I am certain that we have not met before.’ A trace of a smile curved her lips. ‘I am sure that had I met you before yesterday, I would remember it.’


She Follows by Victoria P. A threesome!

The Man and the Elf share a glance, and Aragorn holds out a hand to her. "There is only this," he says softly. "We ride to war, and must take comfort when it is offered, Eowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan." She puts her hand in his, and he draws her into their embrace. Legolas is tentative, his lips on her neck warm and soft, his hand at her waist gentle. Aragorn takes her mouth with his, and fire consumes her.


Sigh of dawn, The by Éowyn Angel.

Legolas shifted on the soft bed, his dreamy gaze exploring the chamber. All seemed simple and functional, not quite the usual woman room, but the colours and the curves of the furniture were soft. Like her. He turned a little to caress the sleeping face of his golden-haired lover and marvelled once again at the sight of her.


Some Things Never Change by Kath. (Legolas/Eowyn/Haldir).

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Legolas roared. "You both claim to love me, but neither of you is willing to even try to get along with each other, even though you know how much it would mean to me. I am disgusted with the both of you! That's it! It is over!" Legolas cried, spinning on his socked heel and returning to his room, slamming the door so hard he cracked the jamb. Eowyn stopped in midswing, Haldir's hand still on her head…


Sorrows Shared by Daughter of Inis.

Summary: They never could have loved, for he was elf-kind and she mortal, but still the slight hope remains that they could have...


Suffer The Call by TheSoliloquy.

Summary: The white gulls called, and one day Legolas would be forced to answer.


* Temperature by moonwhip. This story no longer seems to be available on the web. A movieverse story set in the Glittering Caves, just after Helm's Deep.

"Men tell me I am cold as a winter morning. Were his heart unclaimed, Aragorn might still disdain me. What have I to offer a man? I am a good hand with a blade, but I know nothing of men's hearts." She tries to struggle free, but Legolas steps in close, his hands firm on her shoulders. "Do not speak so, lady," he whispers. "Unhand me," she says, the words hissing on her tongue, "before the touch of me freezes your fingers." His eyes flash brilliance in the gloom. Éowyn's breath stops in her throat as if an arrow has hit her in the chest. Legolas bends in, brushes a touch so light across her cheek that she thinks at first she has imagined it. His face is very near, and his skin seems to glow in the light, more beautiful than any woman's. "What seems bitter cold to a mortal's touch," he murmurs in her ear, "is mere chill to my hand."


Tent scene, A by Rene.

She fled from his tent in anger and tears. She caught her ankle on the thick rope of another tent, falling to the ground in the darkness. But she never hit, for a strong hand had saved her from a few nasty bruises with impossible speed, the speed only an elf could manage. She was helped back to her feet by a concerned Legolas, who led her into his tent, the one she had tripped over, to see to her ankle. As he bound her injured ankle, she marveled at the smoothness of his Elven chest, and before she could stop herself, she reached out a hand to caress it.


To Love Again by kateybeth.

Summary: A year after the war, Faramir dies of a strange illness. Eowyn is distraught, but Queen Arwen suggests a visit to the elf colony in Ithilien to find herself again. But does Eowyn find more than she bargained for?


Touch of Ice, The by Laurelin M. Estel.

Summary: This is a Legolas/Eowyn songfic to Iris by the Goo goo Dolls.


* Touch of the Prince, The by Tarhiliel. This story no longer seems to be available on the web.

In that moment I did not have to prove myself, all I had to do was be myself. He felt me, he knew me, and there he was with me. I was lost in him, in his kiss, in his tight embrace, and I wanted nothing more than that. And so my grief ended, just by his touch, that defrosted my broken heart with its warmth.


Turpentine kisses and mistaken blows by Motek.

Summary: 64 prompts, inspired by DC-BA's fic, exploring options with Legolas and Eowyn.


Two Strides by xTallyxPennyx.

Summary: Legolas watches Eowyn as she mourns for her Uncle. Drabble.


Unrepentant, Unforgiven by LeRouret at WARNING: evil, psychopathic Eowyn!

“Eat it!” she commanded, forcing the knife further into his skin. Moaning in pain and frustration the Elf opened his lips and Éowyn forced the handful of honey into him, pushing deeply in so he couldn’t spit it out; he gagged on it, but she gave his ear another vicious twist and he swallowed convulsively.


Unspoken Love by Wren.

At the celebration later I can't help but watch you, talking pleasantly with your friend. It brings a smile to my face, watching your expressions. Later my uncle comes to talk to me. It is clear that he thinks I love another, the one whose heart was carried across the sea with that elf maiden. I do not let it worry me, I can worry about nothing while I'm watching you.


Use Me Once by ZeeDrippyVessel. In an aside from the Empty Vessel saga, Legolas escorts Eowyn to Aragorn's wedding and comforts her afterwards.

"During the ceremony, they played finger games with each other, her hand on his thigh, his covering hers at times. At the dinner afterwards, they danced. He enjoyed holding her slight body next to his and his loins reminded him it had been a very long time since he had been with a female..."

Sadly, Zee does not seem to have written the scene in which Legolas confronts Eowyn after finding out about his daughter.


Wait for me and The end of waiting by The Time lady.

Eowyn walked down to the woods where she had promised to meet him the day before. Her heart was slowly being torn apart as she recited in her head the words she had to say. Theirs was a forbidden love, not just between their two races. But between their worlds. Eowyn knew she had to end this tonight. But that didn’t heal the hole in her soul.

Eowyn stumbled over the rocks, once agile limbs now heavy with age. Pushing the once-golden, now silver hair from her face she gazed at the lonely horizon with fading sight. She had waited. Everyday she used to run down to the beach and hope that somehow he would return. Everyday Eowyn would be disappointed at the empty shores. So she would dream instead.


What Paths we Take by L8Bleumr

He studied her body. Though she was what Men called ‘middle-aged’, her body still held its shape. She had never given up her training as a Shieldmaiden and still practiced daily. It was apparent as Legolas noticed her shapely body, muscles toned from years of swordplay. In all actuality, it did not really matter to him what she looked like. That was not how he saw her. It was her inner beauty that covered up any ‘imperfections’ as she call them. He could not see them. All he saw was her soul, her otherworldly glow. She would always look beautiful to him.


Wrong End of the Stick, The by SailorSilvanesti

Summary: After witnessing a tender moment between the newly-returned Aragorn and his Elven companion, Eowyn mis-reads the situation...especially as she sees the pendant exchanged. Hurt and 'betrayed', she lashes will it end! Slightly AU


* Yet Powerful by Tarhiliel. This story no longer seems to be available on the web.

'If I did not know your name, Éowyn, daughter of Théodwyn, I would say you were an Elf. Your beauty shines bright.'' I let go of her hand, now placing mine on her face. ''And you too, like an Elf, are fair to see, yet powerful.'


Breaking Away by The One Without A Name.

Legolas knew from the beginning that he was being unreasonable. After all, no matter what her appearance told his eyes, she was still a human. Nothing would ever spring from this one-sided fascination. He knew elves and humans did not mix on a regular basis, even though he had grown to know and love two people in such a tie. But the sight of Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan, had splintered his belief, making him see possibilities he would not have dared before. And she had proved to him just how ridiculous he was to hope, when her eyes went right to Aragorn, never stopping to consider him.


* Cold of Winter by Calixa Inflixa. This story no longer seems to be available on the web.

"Éowyn." She did not need to turn to know who it was, but she did, and entered into the arms of Legolas, putting her head against his chest, and the tears came freely at last. Here in the dark, away from everything and everyone else, there was no need for formalities. He held her against him tightly, and after a moment Éowyn stopped crying.


Crimson Flowers in a Garden of Snow by slightly-psychotic.

Legolas moaned softly at the pain in his side. He could feel a presence in the room and tightened his arm around Eowyn protectively before slowly allowing the sight back into his eyes. They barely had time to register what they saw. The force of the impact sent him careening from the bed. With a strangled gasp he landed, limbs sprawled out, across the floor as stars exploded behind his eyes. Pain laced its way solidly through his jaw and instantly, instinctively he was on his feet in mere seconds, body bent in a defensive stance. In the background he heard Eowyn cry out in anger but remained as he was. His whole being was focused on the man before him. "Eomer?"

This is a lovely story—I wish she had finished it.


Deadly Sins by Ervinai.

“May I?” Legolas said, stepping again closer. Eowyn nodded and Legolas took one more step, his eyes fixed on hers. Reaching out with his hands, he caught onto her slim hips, encased in soft, white material. Eowyn’s eyes left his and looked down to his hands. Legolas remained silent and pulled her closer, wrapping one arm around her waist. Using his other hand, the Elf cupped Eowyn’s chin and lifted until their blue eyes met once more. Then he brought his face down and placed his mouth on her surprised lips, devouring them in a hungry kiss.


Dreams Fade with the Dawn by eck.

She had large brown eyes and golden hair that fell in waves to the small of her back. Reaching out one tentative hand, she felt his golden locks. “Pretty,” she declared softly. Then paused, “Mommy said they were looking for an elf. Then she cried,” the child informed matter-of-factly. For a moment air refused to enter his lungs and Legolas jerked back in surprise. “Who is…” he swallowed hard, “who is your mother, child?” “I am, Legolas.


Edge of an Uncertain World, The by Siryn.

Someone was calling her name; the voice was familiar, but seemed very far away. “Eowyn”, it called, “you must wake up.” Opening her eyes slowly, she saw Legolas leaning over her, his eyes the color of her dream sky. Then she realized that she was completely nude, her legs tangled with his under the heavy quilt. “Good morning,” she said shyly. Things looked different in the light of day and she was wondering if he would think less of her after what they had done last night. But his eyes didn’t leave hers and he smiled at her. “Good morning to you too. It is not late, but people have been moving about in the halls. It won’t be long before Gimli is banging on the door, shouting for me to wake up,” he said. She chuckled, knowing that’s exactly what he would do.


Fight the Break of Dawn by Moonlit Tears.

As the dance whirled on, Legolas and Éowyn found themselves overcome with passion. Without realizing it, Éowyn had moved closer into Legolas’ arms, enjoying the feeling of his strength protecting her. Éowyn’s light breath on the nape of Legolas’ neck was causing wonders, and he briefly thought about the stupid reasons for which they had stopped seeing each other. In truth, it had all been a misunderstanding followed by rash actions, something that one could often associate with a woman of Éowyn’s temperament. But Legolas would forgive her for all her faults, if she just spoke the word.

Unfinished and ends with a very frustrating cliffhanger!


* Finding Love Through Fate by lil gurly gurl. This story no longer seems to be available on the web.

Legolas quickly turned around, hearing the floor creak and started walking closer to where Eowyn was hiding, thinking that someone was there. Eowyn’s heartbeat sped up and started pounding loudly against her chest. She was surprised that Legolas could not hear it. Quickly Eowyn escaped from her hiding place and ran quietly across the hall and into her room, shutting the door softly and leaning on it, very relieved that he did not spot her. Legolas, thinking it was just his imagination shook his head and resumed looking at the stars. Eowyn quickly leapt into her bed and pulled the covers up to her shoulders, breathing hard. Legolas had almost seen her and it was a miracle that she had escaped him. She panted breathlessly into her pillow and felt her heart. It was still beating speedily and it frightened her. “He almost saw me” Eowyn whispered to herself. Calming herself down she finally convinced herself to sleep, dreaming of her beautiful prince.


Forged of Steel by Celtic Bard.

He was watching her. Again. She knew it, and she knew that he knew she knew it, but she said nothing lest it draw attention to such a fact. Aragorn was oblivious, as was the Dwarf – the Man was far too busy conversing with both her uncle and the Wizard (as to whether or not he was oblivious, she wasn’t even going to try and guess) and the Dwarf’s attention was set to plate and bottle.


Half Lit by irishbrogue.

“Young warriors, “he said, “are always restless on the eve of battle.” “On the eve of—” Something in her stirred, or snapped, reacting to that slightest, slightest trace of patronization in his voice. Young warriors! He had spoken as if she were an eager, eager child. But she was not naïve, not unaware of what it meant—on the eve of battle— And then she stopped. The indignation that rushed through her vanished as quickly as it had come. He had spoken—he had spoken to her as if—he had spoken to her as—


Leaf Storm: a Tale of Middle Earth by Kida Greenleaf.

Without thought, Legolas grabbed her arm and in one gesture he swung her away from the clashing blades and storms of arrows. He felt the abrasion of chain mail on her arm. She tensed her muscles, resisting a little, but knew better than to put up a fight against an Elf in his most combative state. There was a small niche in the stone wall, and there he brought her (not gently), standing in front to guard her just in case of the unthinkable. At last words formed, but barely legible in his emotions. The spiraling world began to slow more purposefully. It was like falling into a dream. "No. You-you were supposed to be safe." He glanced down at her garb, saw her chest bound flat as a boy's, her long hair half-hidden under her gleaming helm, this covered by the navy cloak, like a cape of a starry night to shield her from the eyes of her kin. Eowyn did not reply, but her pale hand crept up his arm and moved toward his face. At last she said, "You are not my lord in this matter. No man is." "Not here," he gasped. "You can't be here. If you get hurt-" The creeping hand seized the back of his neck, it worshipped the heat radiating off of the spot, and each of them reacted. The Elf suddenly embraced the girl fiercely, winding his arms around her. They kissed each other hard. Desperation and hunger passed between them and was bound into the kiss. He ran his hand up her scalp and his long fingers were in her hair. Her arms were wrapped about him firmly, and her own hands drew forbidden pictures over the warm muscles of his back. Each was content to feel the life in the other, the thundering at their pulse points, the sweet smell of perspiration and rain.


LoveLorn: Eowyn's Tale by Chantelle Cochrane.

"Stay with me tonight. Just one last time before you must leave?" Legolas was at a loss for words. Stay with me tonight? "Please Legolas," she gripped his hand tighter, a pleading look on her face. "Just until I fall asleep." He gazed into that beautiful face, and even though he knew he shouldn't do it, at that moment all commen-sense left him and he relented. "As you wish Milady." She smiled - Oh, how beautiful her smile was! - and then pulled him into her room, shutting the door quickly behind them. She let go of his hand, then dimmed the few lights in the room before crawling into bed. She moved over enough to allow room for a second person and looked at him expectantly. At that moment, Legolas's emotions ran rampant.


More than Just an Affair by carazyladee.

She frowned but he’d already opened his bedroom door behind her and guided her inside. He seemed starved this evening forcefully kissing her till she fell unto the bed backwards taking him with her. His hands raced over her tensed body searching until it found the clasp at the back of her dress and quickly snapping it open. She could hear his labored breathing as he ripped the clothing from her. She ran her fingers through his soft hair than yanked his tunic over his head.


Mornië Utulië, Darkness Has Fallen by The Vampire Pandora. I couldn't decide which quote I liked better, so I've given them both ;-)

Uncaring of the guards stunned expressions, Eowyn raised her skirts to her knees and tore down the stone steps two at time. Jumping two from the bottom, she flew out and landed gracefully, spinning and blocking an imaginary enemy's blow. Running across the dusty ground, Eowyn's hair blew in the wind, flying out behind her and coming back to cover her eyes. She ran blindly, stopping only at the huge wooden gates that marked the entrance to the court yard. Taking in a deep breath of air, Eowyn let out her deadliest war-cry. As the air in her lungs emptied, she simply grew quiet, letting the bloodcurdling scream carry in the night winds... "So fair, so, cold. Like a morning of pale spring still clinging to winter's chill. I could, warm you my Lady." The dagger at Gríma's throat appeared so suddenly that Éowyn could not suppress the gasp that escaped her lips. Wormtongue's darting eyes were panicked, and his frozen body shook slightly in fear. The elf that Éowyn had been watching suddenly dug the tip of his knife into his captive's throat, releasing a single bead of blood. "Go back to the gutters, you vile snake, or I shall cut your neck around."


Pure love of Elanor by wHiTe eLaNoR.

Moving closer to the white lady, he whispered to her, “I will cure you of any illness, and I will free you from the cage, my love.” He gazed dreamily in her eyes, and then looked at the lips and closer, and closer he got to her. Eowyn tried to stop him but his lips were on hers.


Unplanned Love by LeoBunny.

"Do you dream?" Eowyn asked suddenly. She watched closely as confusion entered the Elf's eyes, but it departed quickly. "Many times." "About?" She asked. "Many things." His eyes diverted from hers, and for a moment she thought he had the same dreams…that he felt and saw the same things. Before she could say another thing he quickly spoke up again, "We should head out now."


Under Shadowless Skies by Aenigmatic at

"From time to time Eru Iluvatar raises a conqueror among men, a sure defeater of the dark powers who begins on the small, and apparently insignificant scales," he smiled gravely. "Fight, Eowyn! Wrestle, with your strength! I do not know of anyone more greatly deserving of Theodred's weapon. You are your uncle's niece; the women and children have found a champion among them, the shieldmaiden of Rohan! They will live, because of you. And one day perhaps you will defend and champion men as well."


Until Tomorrow Comes by Sea Gypsy.

Since then he had been with many women, mortal and immortal, none of them meaning anything. He couldn't even remember a few of their names. About three years before the War of the Ring he had stopped his wild raging and partying, and returned home, wanting to become the son his father wanted. Soon after his return, he was sent on this crazy mission to save the fate of Middle Earth. He had banished any rogue male emotions that would possibly interfere with his work, and became Legolas the hunter, not the hunted. But now, standing here, watching Eowyn, who Aragorn had set his sights on, every banished emotion came flying back at full force. Seeing her white nightdress cling to her figure stirred something deep inside the elf, and he fought to regain control of his mind.


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Love at first sight

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A forbidden love



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WIP Under Shadowless Skies

Cage of a Different Kind


The Love between an Elf and a Woman

Dutiful Galion

* Beautiful

Calixa Inflixa
* Cold of Winter

WIP More than Just an Affair

Celtic Bard
WIP Forged of Steel

Chantelle Cochrane

WIP LoveLorn: Eowyn's Tale

Ice Queen

Daughter of Inis
Sorrows Shared

Nothing's set in stone

Let Me Touch You For Awhile

Corner of Your Eye
WIP Dreams Fade with the Dawn

Éowyn Angel
Ethereal Night
First sight
The sigh of dawn

Erin Lasgalen
The Price of Freedom

WIP Deadly Sins

Esperanza Fuega
Bleak Happiness


Dwarf Women and Elvish Men

Holly Golightly
Where the Blue of the Night

Breaking Traditions

WIP Half Lit

The lost tale of Legolas and Eowyn

Some Things Never Change

To Love Again

Proper Choices

Kida Greenleaf
WIP Leaf Storm: a Tale of Middle Earth

What Paths we Take

Lady Aranel
Cold Comfort

A Healing Union

Laurelin M. Estel
Touch of Ice, The

I Wanna Grow Old With You

* I save my love for one

WIP Unplanned Love

Fleeting glimpse of shadow, A
Misty Month, The at
Unrepentant, Unforgiven at

lil gurly gurl
* WIP Finding Love Through Fate

Porcelain and Gold

A night between two days

Moonlit Tears
WIP Fight the Break of Dawn
From the shadows

* Temperature

Turpentine kisses and mistaken blows

Eowyn, Part 6 of Warrior Elf

Ease My Heart at

Lady of the Necklace: The Return of the Shield Maiden

Sanguine Lies


The Hardest Thing

A tent scene


Wrong End of the Stick, The

Sammia Took
Eowyn's Song

Elf and the Shield Maiden, The

Sea Gypsy
WIP Until Tomorrow Comes

A blessing and a burden at

Silivren Tinu

WIP The Edge of an Uncertain World

WIP Crimson Flowers in a Garden of Snow

All I ask of you

* Yet Powerful
* Touch of the Prince, The

In the wind

My Love at

The One Without A Name
WIP Breaking Away

Suffer The Call

The Time lady
Wait for me
End of waiting, The

The Vampire Pandora

WIP Mornië Utulië, Darkness Has Fallen

Save This Last Dance

Constant Shadow

Two Girls and a Little Insanity
Moonlit Night

Victoria P
Heaven dissolvèd so
She Follows
* Educating Legolas


wHiTe eLaNoR
WIP Pure love of Elanor

Unspoken Love

Two Strides

Use Me Once


Rohan's Gold


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All I ask of you
, Sugar101

* Beautiful, BladeCelebare
Bleak Happiness, Esperanza Fuega
WIP Breaking Away,
The One Without A Name
Breaking Traditions, I-Love-Too-Much-Stuff-To-Say
Blessing and a burden, A, SilentTears,

Cage of a Different Kind, Alanic
Cold Comfort, Lady Aranel
* Cold of Winter, Calixa Inflixa
Comfort, Voleuse
Conspicio, Saelle
Constant Shadow, Tiniwiel
Corner of Your Eye, eck
WIP Crimson Flowers in a Garden of Snow, slightly-psychotic

WIP Deadly Sins, Ervinai
Desire, Pirate-x-Girls
WIP Dreams Fade with the Dawn, eck
Dutiful Galion, Avaril
Dwarf Women and Elvish Men, FluffyFluff

Ease My Heart, NierielRaina,
WIP Edge of an Uncertain World, The, Siryn
* Educating Legolas, Victoria P
Elf and the Shield Maiden, The, Sassygirl82
End of waiting, The, The Time lady
Eowyn, Part 6 of Warrior Elf, Nessa
Eowyn's Song, Sammia Took
Ethereal Night, Éowyn Angel

Fall on Me, MusicGirl87
WIP Fight the Break of Dawn, Moonlit Tears
* WIP Finding Love Through Fate,
lil gurly gurl
First sight, Éowyn Angel
Fleeting glimpse of shadow, A, LeRouret
WIP Forged of Steel, Celtic Bard
Free, Silivren Tinu
From the shadows, moonlit tears

Hardest Thing, The, puffer/purefoysgirl
WIP Half Lit, irishbrogue
Healing Union, A, Larien
Heaven dissolvèd so, Victoria P

Ice Queen, Cr8zeCorbinFangirl
* I save my love for one, Legolaslover58
In the wind, TenTenD
I Wanna Grow Old With You, legano-san

Lady of the Necklace: The Return of the Shield Maiden, ofThornsandRedPetals09
* Laurelena: Golden Maid of the Stars
WIP Leaf Storm: a Tale of Middle Earth,
Kida Greenleaf
Let Me Touch You For Awhile, Dragonsinger77
Longings, MelanayeBaggins
Lost tale of Legolas and Eowyn, The, KateM
Love between an Elf and a Woman, The Arwennicole
WIP LoveLorn: Eowyn's Tale, Chantelle Cochrane

Misty Month, The, LeRouret,
Moonlit Night, Two Girls and a Little Insanity
WIP More than just an affair, carazyladee
WIP Mornië Utulië, Darkness Has Fallen, The Vampire Pandora
My Love, Terri,

Namárië, Alida-Fruit
Night between two days, A, MelanyeBaggins
Nothing's set in stone, DC-BA

Porcelain and Gold, Mei
Pottymouth, LeRouret
Price of Freedom, The, Erin Lasgalen
Proper Choices, Kelyi
WIP Pure love of Elanor, wHiTe eLaNoR

Rohan's Gold, Ziggy3

Sanguine Lies, Pandastacia
Save This Last Dance, TheObsidianPhoenix
Serenity, falln-angl
She Follows, Victoria P
Sigh of dawn, Éowyn Angel
Some Things Never Change, Kath

Sorrows Shared, Daughter of Inis
Suffer The Call, TheSoliloquy

* Temperature, moonwhip
Tent scene, A, Rene
To Love Again, kateybeth
Touch of Ice, The, Laurelin M. Estel
Touch of the Prince, The, Tarhiliel
Turpentine kisses and mistaken blows, Motek
Two Strides, xTallyxPennyx

WIP Under Shadowless Skies, Aenigmatic,
WIP Unplanned Love, LeoBunny
Unrepentant, Unforgiven, LeRouret,
Unspoken Love, Wren
WIP Until Tomorrow Comes, Sea Gypsy
Use Me Once, ZeeDrippyVessel

Wait for me, The Time lady
What Paths we Take, L8Bleumr
Where the Blue of the Night,
Holly Golightly
Wrong End of the Stick, The by SailorSilvanesti

* Yet Powerful, Tarhiliel